Whitepaper : IDERA - Built To Tell The New Holistic Backup Management Story That Companies Want (And Need) To Hear

  • Understand new features that are making backup stable and reliable
  • Learn about proactive backup management
Presenter: Jerome Wendt
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The introduction of the disk as a backup target, coupled with the use of new backup software technologies such as continuous data protection and snapshots, has nearly led to the eradication of failed backups or backups exceeding allotted backup windows.

As companies solve their long-standing backup challenges they are turning their attention away from reactively managing backup jobs to taking a more proactive, holistic approach. In this new world of backup management, tasks that were previously overlooked or ignored are now getting the attention they deserve. It’s no longer enough for backup software to successfully complete backups within scheduled backup windows. Organizations are now looking to backup software that automates and centralizes management, facilitates remote management, and scales seamlessly and easily as their infrastructure evolves.

This is the new holistic approach to managing backups that companies want and need backup software to deliver.

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