Whitepaper : Beginning Performance Tuning with SQL Server 2014

  • Understand the inner workings of SQL Server
  • Learn how to improve performance
Presenter: Pinal Dave
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To get more out of everything we buy is intrinsic to human nature. We all have this in our DNA. When we do investments of any kind, we look for various parameters before we take the calculated risks. Assume we are at a vehicle showroom, out of the thousand questions we ask from speed, new accessories and lastly the mileage. We enquire so much to get the best and want to know what each and every button can do as functionality in the vehicle we buy. These behaviors don’t change in the IT too.

Ask a developer or DBA, their most dreaded time is when the server is unresponsive or the application requests are not being served. All of us have a need to do some sort of performance tuning and often are overwhelmed with the situation in hand. This only creates confusion and we resort to the common resolution – using a search engine.

We want to get back to basics when working with Performance Tuning SQL Server.

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