Geek Sync Webcast : The "Ah Ha” moment of Troubleshooting SQL Server

Presenter: Jason Wong
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The best arsenal for SQL Server troubleshooting is simply a pair of powerful homegrown queries. In this Geek Sync, Jason Wong will simulate workloads, using PowerShell and T-SQL, on SQL server 2016, and will diagnose and exam the execution process via some powerful queries.

About the Presenter:

Jason Wong has 25+ years of experience working as programmer, apps admin, IT Applications Manager, Sr. DBA in the greater Houston area. He has been a volunteer speaker since 2008. Other interests include: tennis, car repairs, photos in National Parks, cholesterol and Vitamin K2, D and Calcium.
His career profile, education, publication, travel experiences, along with other interests can be found on his web site.

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