Today we are going to be talking about creating job change with IDERA’s SQL Enterprise Job Manager. A job chain is a way to tie jobs together across multiple SQL Server instances. Allowing you to create dependencies among those jobs. So that they schedule their execution based on the outcome or results of the jobs that are higher up in that job chain. To further explain, let us go to the process of creating the job chain. First, you go to the jobs tab. Then select job chains in the upper right-hand corner. Select add a job chain. From here, you can choose the […] for the job chain. The route job will be the only job that will be scheduled. All other jobs in the job chain will start based on the results of the jobs ahead of them in that chain. Once you have selected the read job. You can drag and drop any of the jobs located in the bottom left-hand corner on top of the route job to create the chain. There is a filter available to help you find the jobs you want faster. Wildcards can be used as necessary. After you find the jobs, you want you simply drag them on top of the chain. And create the dependencies that you would like. The jobs can belong to multiple servers. And you can set up dependencies by just double-clicking on any given job in the job chain designer. After you have curated the job chain, SQL Enterprise Job Manager will handle all the jobs in the chain. And alert you to any issues. Thanks for considering SQL Enterprise Job Manager. You can also trial any of our other products by visiting

How to Create a Job Chain in SQL Enterprise Job Manager?

IDERA SQL Enterprise Job Manager provides you an easy-to-use web solution that helps you monitor your SQL Server Agent jobs across your enterprise. From one single web console, you can get an overview of your scheduled jobs across multiple SQL Server instances and edit or add new jobs according to your requirements. Viewing your job history and receiving alert notifications for the most critical job status has never been easier with SQL Enterprise Job Manager.

IDERA SQL Enterprise Job Manager allows you to tie several jobs together across multiple SQL Server instances. A Job Chain lets you create dependencies among jobs and schedule their execution in one server or across multiple servers. Learn More →

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