UIM vs Open Source

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor vs. Open-Source Monitoring Tool

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor unified monitoring dashboard monitors, alerts, and reports on Physical and Virtual Servers and Instances, Network Devices, Enterprise Application and Services, Virtual Server Monitoring, SLAs, Capacity Planning, storage Networks, End-User Experience, and Cloud Solution. Open Source monitoring tool, in other hand, requires several monitoring programs and a multitude of plugins to collect data from different devices and applications.

Complexity of integrating open source with existing systems and customization and support of these products will put a heavy and on-going work load on your best IT which is costly. However, Uptime Infrastructure Monitor requires no programming to install, configure, deploy and maintain it. It’s easily extendable, both for custom monitoring and with an API. It can conveniently import current monitoring scripts from any tool and in any language, allowing IT to easily reuse current monitoring code. Learn More at →

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