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Five reasons to switch from Erwin to ER/Studio

Are you an Erwin user that is contemplating the switch to ER/Studio? Or perhaps you are trying to choose between the two and figure out exactly what is different between these two data modeling tools. Take a look at five reasons for making the switch to ER/Studio.

Business data objects:

Data architects need to represent master data and transactional concepts containing multiple entities and relationships as business data objects (BDOs) in the modeling tool.

ER/Studio uniquely offers BDOs to help data professionals establish a structure for the objects recognized by the business with the underlying implementation required by the database developers.

Universal mappings:

Universal mappings provide the ability to link related conceptual, logical and physical model objects within the same, or across, model files providing traceability in “where used” functionality.

Universal mappings are unique to ER/Studio and provide for reusability of data constructs between and across models with concise, centralized definitions and traceable bindings to object types, helping to automate tasks and improve model quality.

True multi-level submodels:

Submodels break down a complex model into business areas or subjects that are encompassed within the scope of what is being modeled. This enables a data modeler to only work on and check-out the portion of the model that they need to edit, and check-in just that section, rather than the entire model.

ER/Studio was built to address and manage data model complexity and makes it easier to manage large data models which can be organized into submodels nested to multiple levels. ER/Studio also supports multiple physical models per logical model, each of which can have its own submodel hierarchy, providing for ultimate flexibility.

Metadata extensions:

Organizations often need to create additional metadata to define and classify model objects for data governance and security.

ER/Studio’s attachments provide a more effective way to include metadata characteristics within the models. Since attachment types are defined in the model data dictionary, they can be applied to multiple object types, and are more intuitive and easy to use than user-defined properties that are restricted to one model object type. Attachments in an enterprise data dictionary can be applied across multiple models.

Compare and merge:

Compare and merge is the ability to compare a data model or submodel to another model or database, and merge differences from source to target as specified.

ER/Studio is more effective at finding differences and providing the ability to merge them bi-directionally between source and target – extremely helpful when working with rapidly changing data environments.

The best way to know why you should make the move to ER/Studio is by trying it out for yourself.

5 Reasons to Switch from erwin to ER/Studio

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