Datasheet : SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL

Monitor MySQL or MariaDB Agentless and Cost-effectively

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL is an agentless monitoring application for MySQL or MariaDB. It proactively identifies issues affecting database performance. It reduces downtime, tightens security, and improves the performance of MySQL or MariaDB. It is easy to setup and includes more than 600 monitors and advisors that continuously check the health status of MySQL or MariaDB.

Why SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL?

The monitoring of MySQL or MariaDB environments is much more straightforward with quality monitoring applications and the right alerts in place. The proper monitoring applications and alerts can let database administrators know when something may be going wrong. SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL is a monitor and advisor tool to monitor MySQL or MariaDB. It provides database administrators and system administrators with the right metrics to manage and optimize applications during development and production. It provides the tools to manage many MySQL or MariaDB servers, to tune the database infrastructure, and to aid in finding and fixing problems with database applications before they develop into more serious issues or costly outages.


  • Monitor in real-time to take corrective action and resolve significant issues even before they affect end users.
  • Track and compare all changes to the MySQL or MariaDB configuration file to identify the reason for performance issues.
  • Monitor, alert to, and kill locked and long-running SQL queries in real-time to reduce system and database load.
  • Monitor Amazon RDS for MySQL, MariaDB, or Amazon Aurora including operating systems and file-based logs.
  • Find top 10 SQL queries across MySQL or MariaDB servers based on total execution time.


Monitor in Real-time

Know what is happening right now on the monitored servers. Monitor each SQL query in real-time and identify what is causing sudden and unwarranted spikes in MySQL or MariaDB databases.

Track Configuration Changes

Find the cause of performance issues. Track all changes made to the MySQL or MariaDB global. Track and compare changes to the configuration file.

Monitor Locked and Long-running Queries

Reduce excessive CPU usage and execution times of SQL queries. Monitor locked and long-running SQL queries in real-time. Receive notifications.

Monitor Amazon RDS Monitor

MySQL or MariaDB hosted in the cloud such as Amazon RDS for MySQL, MariaDB, or Amazon Aurora. Display general query logs, slow query logs, and error logs in a single view.

Find Top 10 Queries across Servers

Identify quickly SQL queries that cause performance issues. Find the top 10 SQL queries across MySQL or MariaDB servers based on the total execution time to improve SQL query performance.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor in Real-time

Determine what is happening on MySQL or MariaDB servers in real-time. Get started with real-time monitoring in a single mouse click so that there is no need to enable logging manually.

Monitor Agentless

Avoid installing monitoring agents on monitored MySQL or MariaDB hosts since the architecture of the MySQL or MariaDB monitoring solution is agentless.

Monitor Queries

Monitor slow and long-locked SQL queries in real-time. Monitor Security Detect MySQL or MariaDB hacking attempts. Identify and fix MySQL or MariaDB security vulnerabilities.

Monitor Replication

Monitor replication including multiple sources. Register slaves automatically. Receive alerts when replications lag behind or when slaves stopped. See details of replication logs to troubleshoot replication.

Monitor Amazon RDS

Monitor file-based logs for Amazon RDS for MySQL, MariaDB, or Amazon Aurora.

Store Pseudo Server Log

Fetch SQL queries from MySQL or MariaDB servers using three methods: A ProcessList SQL query, the Performance Schema tables, and the MySQL Proxy application.


Detect Issues Proactively

Keep a check on MySQL or MariaDB servers and provide timely alerts when something goes wrong with more than 600 monitors and advisors.

Alert Proactively

Display alerts on the Slack collaboration platform and the PagerDuty incident response platform. Integrate with the Syslog message logging protocol. Receive proactive alerts via email and SNMP traps.

Diagnostics and Analytics

View Flexible Dashboard

Display unified views of all monitored MySQL or MariaDB servers. Display particular sets of charts and create multiple dashboards. Create custom sets of charts and monitor metrics.

View Parameters and Metrics

Access all available metrics for MySQL or MariaDB servers. Display a detailed display of server parameters and metrics. Display the metrics per server.

Analyze Executing Threads

Display the number of threads currently being executed by MySQL or MariaDB and the output of the “SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST” SQL query.

Find and Analyze Problematic Queries

View the top 10 SQL queries across all MySQL or MariaDB servers. Identify and analyze problematic SQL queries. Find problematic SQL queries.

Find Top 10 Queries across Servers

Uncover the top 10 problematic SQL queries across multiple MySQL or MariaDB servers. Find the top 10 SQL queries across servers based on the total execution time.

View Parsed Audit Logs

Display the parsed audit log maintained by MySQL Enterprise and MariaDB servers in clean tabular format. Access the audit log file the same way as the system logs.

Compare and Track Configurations

Compare configurations of multiple MySQL or MariaDB servers side-by-side with all changes highlighted so that differences are visually discernible at a glance.

View Replication Topology

View the replication hierarchy of MySQL or MariaDB servers along with details of each replicated MySQL or MariaDB server. Switch from graphical to tabular replication view at any time.

Optimize Servers

Monitor MySQL or MariaDB servers with custom SQL queries. Monitor deadlocks. View information on disk usage of MySQL or MariaDB servers. Use advisors to improve MySQL or MariaDB servers.

Enterprise Management

Manage Multiple Users

Filter access to specific MySQL or MariaDB servers for individual users. Specify different permissions for different users. Integrate LDAP for Microsoft Active Directory and OpenLDAP.

Support Multiple Operating Systems

Run the monitoring application on 64-bit and 32-bit Microsoft Windows and 64-bit and 32-bit Linux. Monitor MySQL or MariaDB on any platform including database-as-a-service.

Deploy with Flexible Licensing

Acquire the monitoring application with perpetual licensing. Enjoy organization-wide unlimited licensing at cost-effective prices.

Setup Easily

Setup the monitoring application easily with the click of a button. Fetch the file paths of the SQL query logs automatically to start retrieving the contents of the log files.

Interact with Intuitive User Interface

Minimize the learning curve and errors with the modern and intuitive graphical user interface. View simple descriptions for all performance metrics to learn about the internals of MySQL or MariaDB.

Customize Dashboards and Charts

Customize dashboards and charts as per specific requirements for MySQL or MariaDB monitoring. View MySQL or MariaDB and system charts. Add multiple MySQL or MariaDB servers.

Integrate via Application Programming Interface

Integrate the monitoring application with other software (such as command shells, scripts, and applications) via the API. Send HTTP requests.

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