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Database performance fuels company performance. Databases and storage are at the heart of an IT organization and as their performance goes, so go the performance of applications and the business as a whole. Downtime and slow system performance can result in significant lost revenue, lower productivity, and increased support costs if not resolved quickly. When performance problems occur, Database Administrators (DBAs) are frequently the first called to troubleshoot, often without any proof of where the issue lies. Any number of monitoring tools can extract metrics and provide data alerts, but the problem is without providing context for what is driving these metrics, performance management is hit and miss. DBAs need a solution that provides insight into the real causes of performance bottlenecks to determine the root cause and resolve problems no matter where they exist in the stack.


Precise helps ensure enterprise database environments remain available and operating at peak performance through integrated solutions that support leading relational databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and SAP Sybase AES. Precise correlates database and storage performance extending deep into storage arrays to provide unprecedented cross-platform visibility. With Precise for Databases and Storage, organizations can:

  • Monitor Oracle, SQL, DB2, and Sybase through a single console
  • Optimize transactions for database and storage performance
  • Accelerate problem resolution
  • Lower multi-platform support costs


  • Multi-platform 24x7 relational database monitoring
  • Common dashboard to correlate and compare performance across instances
  • Database to storage drill-down to pinpoint problem root cause
  • Comprehensive database monitoring of wait states, SQL, workload, configurations, and I/O
  • Detect trends from detailed historical performance data
  • Proactive tuning intelligence with priority ranking



Precise works by tracking the path of transactions through all tiers of virtual and physical infrastructure and stores both the business context and performance details in a centralized repository, the Precise Management Database (PMDB). The software then correlates transactions with users, databases, devices, files, and objects being accessed to identify performance problems anywhere within the environment. Once identified, Precise isolates the root cause of the problem and enables you to drill into the transaction details including which server, method call, SQL query, or storage device is causing the problem. These performance issues are then mapped back to the business unit or application experiencing the problem. Precise can also compare the problem against a knowledge base of best practices that has been fine-tuned over the years. The knowledge base can automatically recommend fixes to help optimize your application stack.


Precise for Oracle is designed specifically to keep your Oracle environment available and performing at peak efficiency. It captures, measures, and analyzes performance metrics from all critical system components and helps you detect and correct the root causes of problems before end users are affected. Precise for Oracle provides high-level visibility across multiple Oracle and Oracle RAC instances and provides alerting to problems, reporting on collected data, and it collects and maintains a warehouse of Oracle database performance information.


Precise for SQL Server continuously monitors SQL Server environments and provides actionable diagnostic information to help DBAs tune performance. It analyzes SQL statements, database objects, and SQL Server instances to uncover specific causes of performance problems. It can correlate transactions with web, network, application, or storage tier and even associate database transactions with end user sessions to trace problems quickly.


Precise for Sybase gives DBAs the application performance management they need to proactively monitor, analyze, and tune Sybase instances, including Sybase Replication Servers. Like other Precise products for databases, Precise for Sybase identifies performance problems of business applications and helps to solve them. It includes “out of the box” reports for both technical and business users, enabling historic performance analysis and proactive research such as capacity planning.


Precise for DB2 enables proactively monitors, analyzes, and tunes IBM DB2 databases to keep your DB2 UDB based applications available and performing at peak efficiency. Precise for DB2 captures, measures, and correlates performance metrics from all crucial system components. These metrics give DBAs a complete view of application performance and helps improve end-user response time while maximizing the return on technology investment.


Precise for Storage enables visibility to deep into the storage array. It collects performance metrics from leading storage equipment vendors including EMC, IBM, HP, Hitachi, and many more. By correlating storage performance data with information collected by Precise for Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2, you can gain a complete and unprecedented view of your application performance.

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