Datasheet : ER/Studio Data Architect

Model and analyze your enterprise data landscape

ER/Studio Data Architect is a powerful data modeling tool that enables companies to discover, document, and re-use data assets. With round-trip database support, data architects have the power to easily reverse-engineer, analyze, and optimize existing databases from diverse platforms. Multiple users can collaborate and share data assets across modeling projects in the model repository.

Why ER/Studio Data Architect?

With an extensive feature set, ER/Studio Data Architect offers superior data modeling for single- and multi-platform environments. Comprehensive model management and collaboration capabilities simplify building and maintaining complex enterprise data models in the repository. Universal mapping, business data objects, and agile change management are unique features that help data professionals better map, understand, and manage their data models.

Product Highlights

  • Create effective data models to build a business-driven data architecture
  • Document and enhance existing databases to reduce redundancy
  • Implement naming standards to improve data consistency and quality
  • Share and manage data models effectively across the enterprise
  • Map data sources and trace origins to enhance data lineage

Key Benefits

Take control of your data

Document and enhance existing databases to support business objectives. ER/Studio Data Architect imports data from multiple database platforms with reverse engineering, compares changes between models and databases, and generates code to implement database updates. ER/Studio Data Architect Professional includes a scalable repository for model version control and agile change management.

Map your complex data landscape

ER/Studio offers native support for multiple relational and big data platforms, along with bridges that interface to numerous other data sources and modeling tools. Improve data consistency in your complex data environment by creating consistent logical data models with reusable objects and constructs that can map to multiple physical data models.

Increase productivity with a tool that’s easy to use

ER/Studio continues to focus on making access to data models easier for everyone. Features such as automated naming standards, business data objects, data dictionaries, and universal mappings help to automate tasks and improve model quality. Easily document data model attributes with rich text formatting, relationship color inheritance, and spell-checking.

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