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It takes only a few minutes for IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL to start monitoring MySQL or MariaDB servers. It is easy to setup, and with the single click of a button, it can fetch the query log file path, and start retrieving the contents of the log files. Its more than 600 monitors and advisors continuously keep a check on the MySQL servers and provide timely alerts when something goes wrong.

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  IDERASQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL VividCortex Percona Monitoring & Management MySQL Enterprise Monitor
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Track Configuration Changes
Real-time Monitoring
Query Analyzer
RDS File-based Log Monitoring
RDS OS Monitoring
Replication Monitoring

Discover Why IDERA Has the Best MySQL Performance Monitoring Tool

Unlike other monitoring and advisory tools, SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL does not force the installation of monitoring agents' on each MySQL or MariaDB host. Installing and maintaining monitoring agents can be a complex administration task by itself. SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL is the perfect choice for monitoring cloud-based servers (such as Amazon RDS and Aurora, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform).

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL uncovers the top 10 problematic queries across multiple servers to focus on areas that yield the highest value for the efforts. It is cost-effective, and the licensing does not restrict the number of installations locally and remotely. Tracking the server configuration changes requires only a click of a button. It ensures the servers are configured similarly when starting to notice performance degradation in critical MySQL or MariaDB servers due to configuration inconsistency. It is the only monitoring tool that performs file-based log monitoring for MySQL or MariaDB on Amazon RDS and Aurora.

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL helps database administrators to find and fix MySQL and MariaDB performance problems in physical, virtual, and cloud environments - including managed cloud databases. Unlike its competition, it provides agentless monitoring with no additional load on servers, custom monitors, customizable dashboard and charts, display of top 10 problematic SQL queries across servers, file-based log monitoring for Amazon RDS for MySQL, real-time monitoring of locked and long-running SQL queries, more than 600 monitors and advisors, tracking and comparison of configuration changes, and display of replication.

Download a free, fully functional, 14-day trial of IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL right now and discover for yourself how it can make your life simpler, save your company time and money, and help make you a rock star DBA in your organization.

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