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  IDERA SQL Compliance Manager Microsoft® SQL Server® IBM® Security Guardium Data Activity Monitor Imperva SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring ApexSQL Audit
Central SQL audit management console
  Additional license
Tamper resistant SQL audit repository
High audit log write failure resilience Independent trace management Continue, fail & shutdown only Agent failover management    
Comprehensive & easy audit data filtering Wizard Basic filter text entry field Complicated, manual UI
Advanced filters
Before and after data capture
Regulatory data capture templates
Regulatory report templates
Customizable event alerts
Privileged users and roles auditing
Sensitive data auditing and alerting for table and column data
  Table data only
DML activity
Configurable trace settings
Automatic archiving and grooming
Low performance impact with lightweight agent
High - SQL Server resource
Medium - Multiple deployment methods, including local agent, network transparent bridge option & non-inline sniffer mode

Discover why IDERA has the Best SQL Auditing Tool

Comprehensive auditing is critical to safeguarding compliance with regulatory and data security requirements, but most solutions are either very complicated to set up and manage or simply don’t provide the capabilities that are required to properly manage compliance for SQL Server.

IDERA SQL Compliance Manager includes pre-configured data capture templates for typical regulations such as DISA STIG, NERC, CIS, GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, SOX, and PCI DSS. It utilizes a smart wizard to help you spend much less time configuring audits and alerts and includes pre-configured data capture templates so you can set up your audits fast and easy. It also provides before and after data capture which is essential to determine what a data value was changed from, not simply that it has changed. When comparing the audit capabilities that are built into Microsoft SQL Server, there really is no comparison.

IDERA provides customizable event alerts, sensitive data auditing and alerting, simple audit data capture and filtering, regulatory report templates and customer reporting, and utilizes a lightweight agent with minimal impact on SQL Server performance. Native SQL Server auditing provides none of these things. In today’s environment you cannot be without full audit capabilities for all of your SQL Server instances. SQL Compliance Manager leads the way with simple to use, comprehensive tools to get the job done.

SQL Compliance Manager helps database administrators to monitor, audit, and alert on SQL Server user activity and data changes. Unlike its competition, it provides quick configuration of audit settings, a broad list of regulatory guideline templates for audit settings and reports, before and after data values for both regulatory compliance and forensic data investigations, differentiation of data access and between regular and privileged users and applications, easy specification of and reporting on sensitive data columns access and changes, and extensive customization of audit settings for databases and servers.

Download a free, fully functional, 14-day trial of IDERA SQL Compliance Manager right now and discover for yourself how it can make your life simpler, save your company time and money, and help make you a rock star DBA in your organization.

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Monitor, audit and alert on SQL Server changes

  • Audit sensitive data to see who did what, when, where, and how
  • Monitor and alert on suspicious activity to detect and track problems
  • Satisfy audits for multiple industry regulatory requirements
  • Select from over 25 pre-defined compliance reports and create custom views
  • Lightweight data collection agent minimizes server impact
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