Case Study: SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

Infineon Technologies Increases Productivity with SQL Diagnostic Manager


Headquartered in Germany, Infineon Technologies AG offers a wide range of semiconductor solutions designed to make life easier, safer and greener. The company has more than 35,000 employees working to develop electronic components that are used to feed regenerative energy into power grids with almost zero losses, tame power-hungry computers, safeguard the data flying through cyberspace and make cars more energy efficient.


With hundreds of SQL Server databases hosting critical software applications such as SAP and SharePoint, Infineon needs reliable access across its physical and virtual environments. The company wanted an enterprise monitoring solution that could seamlessly perform high availability, performance and system checks for its SQL databases and provide a comprehensive view 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Infineon conducted a broad search, evaluating various vendors, ultimately selecting IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager due to its ease of management and ability to meet all of the company’s key requirements. These included identifying and monitoring inefficient and poor performing SQL queries; recognizing statements and stored procedures causing blocks and deadlocks; and query performance diagnostics.

With IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager, Infineon can easily view performance metrics and alerts for virtual machines and their related hosts including CPU, memory, disk usage, network, etc. to get a complete performance picture of the SQL server environment. The solution also offers capacity planning to help Infineon understand trends and view forecasts of its SQL Server environment so the company can better plan for future needs and get a handle on SQL Server sprawl with database growth reporting.

“IDERA’s solution is easy to manage on a day-to-day basis, and all required information is readily available and can be easily configured for our purposes.” - Christian Tiemann, Senior Manager for Database Solutions


After using IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager for more than two years, Infineon credits the solution with increasing productivity and delivering major time savings due to comprehensive monitoring and alerts. In addition, the company has improved support for users in the event of performance issues by using many of IDERA’s diagnostic and recommendation features.

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