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Webcast : SQL Server Setup and Configuration Best Practices (Including SQL 2017 and Linux)
In this webcast, you will learn about two key things to being a DBA - building your SQL Server instances with best practices, and ...
Webcast : A Photographer and a Data Modeler Walk Into a Bar…
Join IDERA and Steve Hoberman as he covers five important settings the data modeler must be aware of to produce a great data model.
Whitepaper : Governing GDPR Challenges with Enterprise Data Architecture
In this whitepaper, learn how ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition can help organizations with enterprise data architecture developme...
Video : Tell Me a Data Story, Part 1
Learn how a small business can leverage useful data models to create a customer database for growing their sales in this ER/Studio...
Video : Tell Me a Data Story, Part 2
Learn how a small business can leverage business process models to improve the use of a customer database for growing their sales ...
Webcast : Managing Your SQL Server Infrastructure
In this webcast we will cover the things you should be aware of when deploying new servers, decommissioning servers, keeping track...
Video : Overview of Precise for SQL Server
Precise for SQL Server is designed specifically to keep your SQL Server database environment available and performing at peak effi...
Webcast : SQL Server Performance: The Myth of Table Joins
Join IDERA and Pinal Dave as he demystifies some of the most popular myths related to SQL Server joins, indexes, and performance.
Webcast : What You Need to Know About Managing Your SQL Server Performance
Join IDERA as we dive into creating a SQL Server performance roadmap by showing how to create a performance baseline, using the ti...
Webcast : Five Key Features of SQL Diagnostic Manager
Join IDERA and Mark Slavens as he demonstrates how IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager makes the lives of DBAs easier with five key features.
Webcast : BA-DA-Bing, BA-DA-Boom! Better Business Architecture and Data Architecture with ER/Studio 17
Join IDERA's Ron Huizenga and Kim Brushaber as they share the highlights of the ER/Studio 17 release.
Webcast : Visual Design Tips for Power BI & SSRS 2016+
Join IDERA and Aaron Nelson as he walks you through ways to improve Power BI & SSRS 2016+ Reports.
Webcast : Capacity Planning Done Right for SQL Server
Join IDERA as Bullett Manale will discuss how to gather data concerning the current usage and growth trends of databases for capac...
Webcast : Exploring the Plan Cache to Optimize SQL Server Performance
In this session you'll discover how plans are cached and then looking into the cache to see which plans are used a lot, which are ...
Webcast : Identifying and Solving Common SQL Server Performance Problems
Join IDERA and Tep Chantra as he discusses how to use IDERA's powerful solution, SQL Doctor, for performance tuning with expert co...
Whitepaper : Data Modeling is a Form of Data Governance
In this whitepaper, learn how data modeling is a form of data governance and gain insights on the three actions of governing data.
Webcast : Deploying and Maintaining SQL Server Configuration Standards
In this session we'll look at what tools are available out of the box for your SQL Server farm, where you will likely need to augm...
Datasheet : ER/Studio Business Architect
Model and understand the relationships between people, processes, and data
Webcast : Data Modeling is a form of Data Governance
Join IDERA and Bob Seiner as he shares how data governance can be explained using the actions of governing the definition, product...
Webcast : Precise para Base de Datos Oracle: Una introducción al Monitoreo que Precise realiza en Oracle
Una introducción al Monitoreo que Precise realiza en Oracle
Webcast : Taking Control of Your Organization’s SQL Server Sprawl
Join IDERA and K. Brian Kelley as he explores the various ways to detect SQL Server in your environment.
Video : En Marche! Enabling the Mobile Workforce
Watch this video and learn how to optimize the experience of mobile end-users by improving the performance of mobile application t...
Whitepaper : I Do Declare
In this whitepaper, learn about the SQL declarative language and gain some insights into SQL data types and how to use them effect...
Webcast : SQL Server Backup Strategies: One Size Does Not Fit All
In this session we go back to the fundamentals and review the types of backups available in SQL Server, from the common (Full, Dif...
Webcast : Working with SQL Server for Linux Cross-Platform
Join IDERA and Maximo Trinidad as he explores the latest build of SQL Server for Linux, including everything you need to install a...
Video : Using Business Processes for Data Governance
Learn why it is important to create business process models for data governance.
Video : What is Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)?
Learn about business process modeling notation (BPMN) and how to use it in ER/Studio Business Architect.
Whitepaper : Aligning Data Governance with Business-Driven Data Architecture
In this whitepaper, learn how business objectives and business processes drive data architecture and provide a foundation for data...
Webcast : Quack Chat | Fix Database Performance Problems with Profiling
Join IDERA and Bert Scalzo as he shows you how IDERA DB Optimizer can run a profile on a database and use it to find and fix perfo...
Webcast : Data Modeling and Blockchain
Join IDERA and Steve Hoberman in this webinar as he walks through blockchain and its three levels of maturity.