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Video : How to Monitor, Manage, and Audit Security and Compliance for SQL Server
Watch this video to learn how to identify vulnerabilities, harden security policies, rank security levels, and analyze user permis...
Video : How to Get Started with SQL Compliance Manager and SQL Secure
Watch this video to learn how to monitor, audit, and alert on user activity and data changes for internal and regulatory compliance.
Video : Value Of SQL Secure
Watch this video to learn about the value of SQL Secure and how it can help you better manage your SQL Server databases.
Video : Who is IDERA Database Tools
Watch this video to learn who is IDERA Database Tools and how IDERA can help you better manage your databases.
Datasheet : Idera, Inc. Database and IT Management Tools
Read this datasheet to learn about the portfolio of database tools and IT management tools that Idera, Inc. has to offer.
Video : How To Add Instances and Databases to SQL Secure
Watch this video to learn how to add instances and databases to SQL Secure.
Webcast : Best Practices for Securing SQL Server – From Cloud to Ground
IDERA discusses best practices for improving the security of SQL Server at your organization to ensure the protection of your miss...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Always Encrypted for Beginners
IDERA and Monica Rathbun discuss what Always Encrypted is, how it works, and the implications for your environment.
Webcast : IDERA Live | Maintaining Regulatory Compliance and Security in Challenging Conditions
IDERA and Robert Agar discuss how to best ensure the compliance and security of your SQL Server databases in the challenging and e...
Webcast : Protect Your Sensitive Data from the Inside First
K. Brian Kelley discusses best practices for putting the proper database controls in place, along with auditing procedures to trac...
Tech Specs : SQL Secure - Technical Specifications
For SQL Secure, learn more about its technical specifications including what is new, platform support, system requirements, and ve...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - SQL Server Security Basics
IDERA and K. Brian Kelley discuss what you need to know to work with SQL Server security properly.
Datasheet : SQL Secure
IDERA SQL Secure is a security analysis solution that identifies SQL Server security security vulnerabilities and ensures security...
Whitepaper : Big Data and Its Benefits for Organizations
This paper explores the characteristics of big data, how organizations can use big data analysis, and potential concerns about its use.
Whitepaper : The Complications of Cybersecurity in the Cloud
This whitepaper describes the complications of cybersecurity in the cloud, security risks of cloud computing, shared security resp...
Whitepaper : Are You Aware of These Database Risks?
Knowing about database security threats and risks is the first step in developing best practices around database security that off...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - SQL Security Principals and Permissions 101
William Assaf presents a ground-floor introduction to SQL Server permissions and security implications.
TechValidate : IDERA Database Tools
See who the customers are and what these customers have to say about IDERA Database Tools.
Webcast : Successfully Migrating Existing Databases to Azure SQL Database
John Sterrett discusses how to successfully migrate your database schema and data to the cloud.
Webcast : IDERA Live | Mitigating Data Risks from Cloud to Ground
Rob Reinauer discusses how IDERA database tools simplify the management of on-premises, hybrid, and cloud deployments and mitigate...
Datasheet : IDERA Solutions for the Cloud
In this document, learn how IDERA's products help data professionals manage databases in cloud environments.
Whitepaper : Handling the Complexities of Analytics for Big Data for Healthcare
Learn about the essential properties of the analytics for big data that healthcare organizations must consider when commencing sig...
Datasheet : IDERA Solutions for DBAs Managing Complex Database Environments
In this document, learn how IDERA's portfolio of products can help DBAs manage complex environments and simplify planned migration...
TechValidate : EOH Network Solutions
EOH Network Solutions used SQL Management Suite to identify and resolve deadlocks.
TechValidate : Los Angeles County Assessor
With SQL Management Suite, the Los Angeles County Assessor has less downtime.
TechValidate : CareMore Health
SQL Management Suite helped CareMore Health identify potential risks and performance issues.
Whitepaper : The Trade-off Between Database Security and Database Performance
We cannot sacrifice security compliance nor have security methods overly impact end-users. How do we balance the two? Learn about ...
Datasheet : IDERA SQL Management Suite
Learn how the IDERA SQL Management Suite provides powerful tools to monitor and secure your SQL Servers and databases.
Datasheet : IDERA SQL Security Suite
Learn how the IDERA SQL Security Suite provides powerful tools to audit and secure your SQL Servers and databases.
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Database Security Risks You Haven’t Considered, But Need To
Join IDERA and Kevin Beaver as he walks through how you can be more proactive with database security.

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