Whitepaper : The Elements of Data Governance

The increased focus and attention given to an organization’s data assets have been the impetus for new strategies with which to manage these resources. Data governance can be used to make better use of valuable information that drives business. Achieving the goals of a data governance initiative requires that all associated stakeholders and participants operate with the same set of guiding principles. Failure to get buy-in from the entire enterprise minimizes the potential benefits of the program. This paper can help educate companies on data governance and its advantages to the business world.

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Robert Agar

Robert Agar spent a long and diverse career specializing in data backup, recovery, and compliance among other areas of the IT world. Tired of being woken up at all hours to provide support, he embarked on a new career as a freelance writer focusing on various areas of the tech sector. Outside interests include music, sports, and poker. He shares his home office with two green-cheeked conures who suggest topics and engage in the occasional proofreading exercise.

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