Whitepaper : The Elements of Data Governance

Author: Robert Agar
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The increased focus and attention given to an organization’s data assets have been the impetus for new strategies with which to manage these resources. Data governance is one method that can make better use of the information that drives business.

Data governance and other competing methods of managing enterprise information have become more critical due to the convergence of several factors. These diverse elements have come together to make it vitally important that an organization has a thorough understanding of their data resources and how they are being used.

* Big data and the incredible volume of information generated from the Internet of Things (IoT) presents challenges that require a new mindset to handle appropriately. Coherently incorporating multiple data streams cannot be done in an ad hoc manner.

* The growing use of analytics to provide insight into business decisions makes it imperative that an enterprise uses its data assets productively. An organization’s data is an irreplaceable resource, and data governance can help extract its maximum value. Using it wisely can give a business a substantial competitive edge over its rivals.

* Increased concern over the privacy and security of digital data demands effective methods of ensuring data is protected throughout its life cycle. Implementing data governance helps create an enterprise-wide view that emphasizes the importance of securing information assets.

We intend this whitepaper to educate readers on the subject of data governance and its advantages to the business world. The whitepaper describes: What is data governance, why is data governance needed, goals of a data governance program, data governance principles, what are the benefits of data governance, data governance roles and responsibilities, data governance in practice, and tools for data governance.

Presenter: Robert Agar

Robert Agar spent a long and diverse career specializing in data backup, recovery, and compliance among other areas of the IT world. Tired of being woken up at all hours to provide support, he embarked on a new career as a freelance writer focusing on various areas of the tech sector. Outside interests include music, sports, and poker. He shares his home office with two green-cheeked conures who suggest topics and engage in the occasional proofreading exercise.

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