Whitepaper : How to Migrate Existing Databases to Azure SQL Database

Migrating SQL Server to Azure SQL Database provides important benefits. Such advantages include:

– lower cost by shifting expenses from a capital expenditure model to an operational expenditure model
– improved security with encryption on by default plus access threat protection
– improved scalability and high availability
– ease of maintenance including automatic backup and recovery and cloud-based disaster recovery

A successful migration should include preparation, pre-migration, migration, and post-migration. There are other tools, some older and some newer from Microsoft and other third-party vendors.

Read this whitepaper to learn how to migrate SQL Server databases using the two most recommended Microsoft tools for both small to medium and large databases.

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Richard Giles

Richard Giles is an accomplished software and database architect. He has been developing commercial software for over 30 years and has played key roles in building successful products including Microsoft Operations Manager and IDERA’s SQL Server product line. Richard is currently providing technical product consulting services as a consultant. He has been involved with Microsoft Partner programs for over 20 years and has actively tested Microsoft products as part of the Insider program. Richard has a strong analytical ability, is thorough when researching emerging technology and takes great pride in producing innovative solutions. Always the consummate learner, he has been actively learning about new technologies for most of his career and has focused on database platforms, data science, analytics, and cloud computing.

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