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Continuous delivery is all the hype in software development. However, databases are being neglected as DBAs just don’t seem to trust database automation. This is not surprising when you consider the number of incidents and instances of downtime that were caused by out-of-process updates, code overrides and other database glitches. Watch the on-demand webinar with Idera and Yaniv Yehuda as we explain what continuous delivery for databases is all about, why DBAs are so mistrusting, and ways to overcome that mistrust and conquer database automation.

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Yaniv Yehuda

Yaniv Yehuda is the Co-Founder and CTO of DBmaestro, the leading provider of DevOps for Database solutions which enable control of database development and deployment. Yaniv is also the Co-Founder and the head of development for the Extreme group, a leading IT services solutions provider group that employs more than 200 IT professionals and serves more than 50 biggest customer in Israel. Yaniv spent the last years raising awareness about the challenges around database development and deployment, and how to support database Continuous Delivery.

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