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Geek Sync | Model Data in the Cloud

It’s no secret that cloud adoption is becoming more and more popular. Data modeling is important to the decision process of any organization and it brings many benefits to the world of cloud computing.

Join IDERA and Anil Mahadev, Senior Solutions Architect and Cloud Evangelist at IDERA, as he walks through how easy it is to get started with Data Modeling in the Cloud. Anil will help attendees choose a cloud provider and demonstrate tips and tricks on how to best implement each option. He will also show how to set-up database security for data modeling in the cloud, and how to reverse engineer a SQL Server database in the cloud.

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Anil Mahadev

Anil Mahadev is a Senior Solutions Architect at IDERA, working on ER/Studio and DB PowerStudio products. With experience as a Database Professional and Cloud Evangelist, he participates as an active community member in leading Database User Groups and Conferences world-wide. In his spare time, Anil enjoys creating and producing music.

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