Webcast : SQL Server Performance Advanced Monitoring and Best Practices

mproving SQL Server performance by using advanced monitoring and best practices is key to ensure you rollout and maintain the best possible database solution. Continuing to use poor practices and a lack of monitoring is a sure way to eventually create major issues.

In this webcast we will cover several topics you can employ for a better SQL Server environment.

Speaker Mike Zawadzki will walk through how to increase your ability to track performance by expanding the use of existing features such as user defined performance counters, SET CONTEXT_INFO and newer execution plan DMVs. He will cover common practices that lead to poor performance, such as queries that use OR in WHERE clauses, not building updates that are in-place, and not batching transactions. Also, we will look at ideas to increase your performance by understanding when to use features such as table partitioning and in-memory tables.

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Mike Zawadzki

Mike Zawadzki worked for Microsoft Customer Support Services for twenty-four years supporting Microsoft SQL Server 4.2 through Microsoft SQL Server 2016. During Mike’s time at Microsoft, he specialized in Storage Engine and Performance subjects and was a key contributor to the supportability of the product. Mike has presented at SQLPASS in the past on the topic of Database Mirroring. Currently Mike is working as a Senior Consultant for Fortified Data Systems. Mike graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Michigan Technological University in 1990.

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