Geek Sync Webcast : Cloud Migration Tips: Migrating a Database to the Cloud with ER/Studio

Presenter: Tim Rone
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Planning to migrate to the cloud?

As one of the premier platforms for data warehouses in the cloud, Snowflake should be - and likely is - one of your options. Whichever cloud environment you're migrating to, ER/Studio helps you manage the process efficiently. ER/Studio users can capture organizational requirements, translate requirements into design, and efficiently deploy the design to cloud environments including Snowflake.

Register for this webcast to see a demonstration of ER/Studio’s comprehensive cloud migration capabilities.

Learn how it provides better visibility and easier updates to data structures within cloud environments such as Snowflake.

We'll cover:

- Reverse engineering and documenting the source database
- Transforming the database structure to a new Snowflake model
- Snowflake features such as table persistence and clustering keys
- Building a manifest of functions and procedures to convert
- Generating and deploying the design to the Snowflake platform
- Propagating changes with “Compare” and “Merge” capabilities with ALTER script generation
- And more!

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