Webcast : Managing the Transition to Hybrid Cloud

Companies are struggling to understand the various cloud deployment options and how they will effectively manage their environment. As organizations transition to using cloud solutions for part or all of their database configurations, the IT teams need to understand what choices they must make for ensuring they can meet business expectations for performance, security, and availability.

IDERA’s Rob Reinauer shares insights into managing SQL Server environments from cloud to ground so that you can make confident decisions for your database deployments and mitigate the added data risks cloud environments can introduce.

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Rob Reinauer

Rob is currently Director of the SQL Product Management group at IDERA in Austin, Texas, driving the definition and production of IDERA’s industry leading SQL Server management, optimization and DBA productivity tools. He has over 14 years of experience as development director and system architect in SQL Server development organization, and previously was CTO at Pervasive Software.

If you are not managing databases properly in the cloud, then it is just a matter of time before lightning strikes.

IDERA’s database tools for cloud and hybrid environments provide powerful technology for efficient database and data management.

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