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As data governance projects continue to grow in importance, we recognize that the data architecture team is a rich source of knowledge for the project and a key contributor. A single connected data ecosystem ensures the data governance project achieves success and delivers value. Join our presenters, Jamie Knowles from Idera, and Ram Pratti from Collibra, to see how ER/Studio connects with Collibra to deliver that ecosystem within its 19.1 release.

Jamie Knowles is a senior product manager at IDERA, and has been in architecture and modeling for over 20 years. Jamie has been involved with how enterprise architecture, data modeling, and data governance developed and has seen its challenges and achievements. He has worked in product management and in the field within the banking, finance, and energy industries.

Ram Pratti is the Vice President of Customer Success at Collibra. He handles fast-tracking Collibra engagements and centralizing data governance thought leadership to influence product features.

ER/Studio is the leading business-driven data architecture solution that combines multi-platform data modeling, business process modeling, and enterprise metadata for organizations of all sizes.

Topics : Data Governance,Data Modeling,Enterprise Architecture,Metadata,

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