Solution Brief : ER/Studio Data Architect, DB Change Manager

Managing Third-Party Databases and Building Your Data Warehouse

Companies are continually faced with managing a growing and sometimes disparate suite of third-party applications and tools and the underlying databases that support them. Some of the bigger challenges in building a data warehouse from third-party application databases are defining the data models from those applications (the source), knowing when the model has changed in the source, and incorporating the changes into your data warehouse models. This solution brief shows how ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition and DB Change Manager can facilitate data warehouse creation and management.

  • Steps for building your data warehouse
  • Team collaboration for business definitions
  • Managing change in third-party databases

Presenter: IDERA

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Topics : Data Modeling,Database Change Management,Database Development,Enterprise Architecture,

Products : DB Change Manager,ER/Studio Data Architect,ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition,

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