Database Administration Tools for SQL Server

SQL Toolbox

Administer, compare and synchronize databases, manage disaster recovery, and tune performance

  • SQL Doctor for performance tuning
  • SQL Admin Toolset for daily administration tasks
  • SQL Comparison Toolset for data and schema compare
  • SQL Safe Backup to automate backup and instant recovery

SQL Doctor

  • New and enhanced Expert Recommendations to help improve performance
  • Dashboard exposes performance metrics in real-time
  • "Quick Findings" instantly locates SQL performance issues
  • Executable scripts are generated to optimize performance
  • Stored history of analysis recommendations for trending

SQL Safe Backup

  • Automate SQL Server backup and recovery across your enterprise
  • Backup faster and save space via dynamic compression with encryption
  • Choose from multiple options for recovery
  • Ensure organizational compliance via policy-based management

SQL Admin Toolset

  • 24 essential desktop tools for your everyday SQL Server needs
  • Run every day diagnostics across multiple SQL Servers
  • Complete administrative tasks in minutes, not hours
  • Perform analysis on your SQL data

SQL Comparison Toolset

  • Compare and synchronize SQL Server data and schema objects
  • Easy navigation of user interface improves efficiency
  • Automate comparison and synchronization operations
  • Customize schema compare and synchronization sessions
  • Generate ready-to-use database synchronization scripts
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