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  • Easily monitor and improve the performance of SQL Server, Azure and AWS instances
  • Instantly locate real-time performance issues with Quick Findings
  • Improve performance with updated recommendations for SQL Server 2016 and 2017, Azure SQL Database, and Amazon RDS
  • Generate executable scripts to optimize performance
  • View trends from history of analysis recommendations

Easily Improve the Performance of SQL Server, Azure and AWS Instances

For SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Amazon RDS SQL Server, analyze the performance of databases and receive tuning recommendations for resolving them in minutes as opposed to hours. Target some of the most common areas of performance problems, such as queries, server configuration, security, database objects, memory, wait statistics, query plans, and much more.

Instantly Locate Performance Issues with "Quick Findings"

Highlight where performance-threatening issues are occurring. “Quick Findings” provide real-time expert advice on how to fix an issue and tune your overall server performance, similar to recommendations. A rapid and therefore limited look at key performance metrics results in each finding. “Quick Findings” point you in the correct direction and give you crucial troubleshooting information when you need it most. However, to get a thorough review of your server performance, routinely perform a full analysis. See “Quick Findings” for these metrics: Queries, sessions, wait stats, and query plans. Display metrics in real-time for processes, network interface cards, processor, processor cache, memory, disk, and system information.

Improve Performance with Updated Recommendations for SQL Server 2016 and 2017, Azure SQL Database, and Amazon RDS

Leverage the latest proven industry best practices endorsed by SQL Server MVPs to analyze the performance of SQL Server. Get expert recommendations including index usage, query syntax enhancements, and configuration changes with a patented ranking system that shows the highest performance improvement options first. Expert recommendations were developed for SQL Server 2016 and 2017, Azure SQL Database, and Amazon RDS SQL Server.

Generate Executable Scripts to Optimize Performance

Display the executable T-SQL script that can be used to enact the recommended change. Run the script directly from within SQL Doctor to initiate the optimization, or copy the T-SQL script to the Windows Clipboard to examine the code and research other options before making the change. Similarly, generate reverse scripts for quickly undoing any of the implemented optimization scripts.

View Trends from History of Analysis Recommendations

Store and easily retrieve historical data and recommendations for trending and comparison.

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Methodist Hospitals of Dallas reduced issues concerning backups, indexes, queries, resources, SQL Server settings, and workloads by more than 80% since using SQL Doctor.
Jeff Jantrakul, Application Database Administrator, Methodist Hospitals of Dallas (Medium Enterprise, Health Care), USA.
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