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Use On-premise and in Cloud

Install and run SQL Doctor on-premise or on cloud virtual machines (Azure VM and Amazon EC2). Connect to SQL Server as deployed as an on-premise instance, an instance hosted on cloud virtual machines (Azure VM and Amazon EC2), and a database-as-a-service (Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS).

Drill-down to Detailed Views

Based on the last analysis run, quickly see the overall health of all registered servers. For a selected instance, list every available analysis performed including start time, total time duration, type of analysis, the total number of recommendations, and highest priority recommendation. For a selected analysis, list the performance recommendations and view quick findings for currently occurring issues. For a selected server, quickly see its overall health including a checklist highlighting real-time performance issues, key real-time performance metrics for each major area of the server, and quick findings based on the values of the key metrics. For a selected recommendation, view its details that can include the actual metrics, databases, tables, and applications involved.

Diagnose SQL Queries

Analyze relevant queries by parsing the T-SQL script without actually executing the query to receive performance recommendations without having to wait for a full analysis to complete to save time. The estimated execution plans for the selected database determine the analysis and recommendations.

Customize Analysis

Choose any combination of performance categories to focus the analysis on the areas of greatest concern. Each category contains a set of performance metrics and their related recommendations. Select from these categories: blocking processes, database configuration, deadlocks, disk, disaster recovery, index optimization, long running jobs, memory, network, open transactions, processor, query optimization, security, server configuration, and wait stats.
Choose which database or application workload to include in the analysis. Set the time duration for data collection to maximize the likelihood that the resultant recommendations accurately identify and resolve critical performance issues. Block recommendations per instance to reduce analysis noise for changes that you do not plan to make in your environment. Block databases from being included in scheduled, ad-hoc, or real-time analyses. Set the maximum threshold values for several important server properties and statistics to configure when you want to display warning you about the real-time health status for all servers.

Discover Integrity Issues

Identifies database integrity issues for SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Amazon RDS SQL Server. Highlights recovery methods which may leave the database in a potentially unrecoverable state.

Optimize Indexes

Diagnose indexes to determine possible performance optimizations.

Configure Servers and Instances

Examine Windows and SQL Server configuration settings.

Find Processor Bottlenecks

Identify configuration settings that cause processor bottlenecks.

Fix Security Settings

Uncover many of the most common holes in security settings.

Collect Extended Events and SQL Trace Events

To collect data, SQL Doctor supports extended events and SQL Trace events. It automatically uses the best method available depending on the SQL Server version, or it can be directed to use SQL Trace events always.

Analyze Wait Stats

For SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS SQL Server, analyzes the most popular wait statistics which cause SQL server query delays (cxpacket, pageio­latch, async_network_io).

Pinpoint Blocking and Deadlocking Sessions

Determine which sessions are blocking or are involved in a deadlock.

Find Long Running Jobs

Identify jobs and transactions that may be running longer than usual

Diagnose Network

Diagnose issues with networking hardware or bandwidth

View Session Data

Easily view all sessions that are currently active with detailed performance metrics collected from Dynamic Management Views (DMV).

View Prioritized Rankings

Displays the highest performance improvement options first according to a patented ranking system. The performance gain you receive from making the suggested change, how relevant it is according to the specified parameters, and the confidence SQL Doctor has in the recommendation determine the priority of a recommendation. Narrow the recommendations by targeted applications, selected performance categories, databases on the server, logins at the server or database level, the frequency of specific recommendations, prioritized recommendations, and workstations associated with the server.

Explore Query Plan Statistics

For SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Amazon RDS SQL Server, displays statistical details about query plan and delivers recommendations for improving their performance.

Tune SQL Queries

Identify up to 40 of the most common query syntax inefficiencies then tune to improve efficiency.

Diagnose SQL Queries

Evaluate the most troublesome queries and gain immediate suggestions to improve their performance.

Export Recommendations

Export performance recommendations for easy distribution.

Schedule Tune Ups

Schedule a regular analysis for an instance to track the health of your SQL Server environment. Schedule daily or weekly check-ups to keep SQL Servers performing in top shape. For example, plan the analysis to run during busy periods or during times that your users are experiencing problems.

Display Analysis History

Access the results of every analysis stored for your registered instances. The summaries include the server name, start time, total time duration, type of analysis, the total number of recommendations, and highest priority recommendation. For a selected analysis, view recommendations, and delete and schedule the analysis.

Access Cloud-specific Recommendations

Access enhanced and new expert recommendations that are unique to database-as-a-service. These recommendations include 19 for Azure SQL Database, 59 for Amazon RDS SQL Server, and 92 for both platforms.

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Methodist Hospitals of Dallas reduced issues concerning backups, indexes, queries, resources, SQL Server settings, and workloads by more than 80% since using SQL Doctor.
Jeff Jantrakul, Application Database Administrator, Methodist Hospitals of Dallas (Medium Enterprise, Health Care), USA.
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