Database Performance Monitoring for SQL Server

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

Version 10.6

  • Improved user interface with intuitive range control for historical or real-time analysis, and new advanced session filters
  • Multiple instance navigation options to optimize use in environments with large number of instances
  • Access Azure Monitor counters for custom collections in Azure DB environments

Version 10.5.1

  • Bug fixes.

Version 10.5

  • Updated prescriptive analytics by adding latest recommendations from SQL Doctor including recommendations for DBaaS
  • Updated user interface for monitoring DBaaS by hiding invalid windows
  • Updated alerting by adding support for DBaaS, reducing false positives, and addressing customer requests
  • Support for SQL Server 2019

Version 10.4

  • Visual query plan in desktop console
  • Improved extended event estimated plan collection
  • Exploit SQL Server's Query Store for query and plan collection
  • Improved web console
  • Support SQL Server 2019 CTP (experimental) for monitoring and repository

Version 10.3

  • Reduced privilege requirements for monitoring
  • New Operator security role in between Read Only and Instance Admin roles
  • Added grooming and aggregation options
  • Support SQL Server 2017 for Windows & Linux

Version 10.2.2

  • New Session Details report
  • Improved IDERA Dashboard performance and install experience

Version 10.2

  • Improved time-based drill-down
  • Refined history range control
  • Optimized performance for scalability and user productivity
  • Various bug fixes

Version 10.1

  • Global tags and improved installation flow in IDERA Dashboard
  • Configuration of heatmap calculation to modify coefficients and weigh the importance of instances by tags
  • For PowerShell integration: Query plan collection, enabling and disabling of query waits, administrator functionality (such as the friendly name of a certificate and the job activity monitor), and alert response actions
  • Response actions for query waits
  • Independent scheduling of baselines
  • Generation of SCOM alerts and events
  • Support for SQL Server 2016

Version 10.0

  • Integrated SQL Doctor expert recommendations
  • Multiple baselines
  • Federated overview screens
  • New Alert timeline view by category
  • Dashboard enhancements
  • User defined dashboards
  • 18 new widgets
  • Collapsible side panels
  • Improved Heat Map view
  • Query waits by time and duration
  • Multiple DB selections including TempDB
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

Version 9.1

  • Export and import configuration files to share custom counters, reports, and alert templates
  • Alerting for filegroup space used
  • New dashboard widgets to aggregate statistics across multiple instances across Diagnostic Manager repositories
  • Improved instance overview and heatmap views
  • New custom reports for top 10 lists for metrics
  • Monitoring additional SQL Server services
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

Version 9.0

  • Enhanced query plan monitoring and diagnostics - SQL DM now captures query execution plans and provides new query plan viewing and diagnostic capabilities
  • The new Main query view provides high-level query performance information across applications, databases, and users with drill down capabilities into individual queries with two additional new views
  • Query details view shows SQL text, execution plan XML, and a graphical view of the execution plan
  • Query signature view rolls matching queries into a query signature
  • Official release of the SQL DM web dashboard - The web dashboard capabilities that were introduced in DM 8.5 as a tech preview are officially released in DM 9.0. There are three primary views; Today, Top X, and Alerts
  • Today includes status of instances and groups with drill down into single instances. It shows active alerts, top issue occurrences, and can show data by thumbnail, list, and heat map views
  • Top X provides a number of configurable widgets to show the top occurrences of various performance issues
  • Alerts rollup all active alerts being generated with detailed viewing, filtering, and grouping capabilities
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

Version 8.6

  • SQL Server Express Support - SQL DM has extended support to cover the SQL Server Express edition
  • New database alert for Availability Group Preferred Replica - SQL DM triggers an alert whenever the primary role changes to a different replica
  • Query Waits Enhancements
  • New Query Wait Statistics Report
  • Query Waits information is now extended in the Top Servers and Top Databases reports

Version 8.5

  • Hyper-V support - SQL DM has extended virtual support to Hyper-V, providing insight into the performance of your virtual system more effectively. Users can track and monitor Hyper-V specific performance metrics for a complete view of the virtualized server and the physical host.
  • Ability to set up Alert Response that is triggered only after multiple user defined metric thresholds have been breached
  • Inclusion filters for Query monitors – Adds the ability to do query monitoring on selected applications
  • Tech Preview of the new SQL DM Web Console - Rapidly and easily identify problems. The SQL DM web console is designed to provide quick access to the overall status of the SQL Server environment to help diagnose any issues.
  • Quickly view status of a single instance or instance groups
  • Access from any connected browser. No SQL DM Desktop Console required
  • Stand-alone web application with no need for IIS
  • Provide an easy to use web console to non-DBAs without giving access to entire management console so they can check on status for SQL Server environment.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

Version 8.0

  • SQLdm Management Pack for Microsoft's Systems Center Operations Manager - integrates the key monitors and alerts of SQL Server performance metrics from SQL dm into Microsoft's System Center console.
  • Always-On availability group monitoring – SQLdm will monitor the performance of Always-On availability groups that are set up and will send alerts as needed to ensure the SQL Server is running on the designated node in the event of failover to a secondary replica. This feature includes a high-level view, 8 new alerts, and 2 reports. SQL dm can also run on an availability group as well.
  • Auditing configuration changes - audit configuration changes that show up in the change log as an event to keep track of what users are doing. These changes are also captured in a new report to provide an audit trail if needed.
  • Experimental Support for SQL Server 2014 - SQLdm has been tested to work with pre-release copies of SQL Server 2014. Any possible areas where monitoring works unexpectedly are noted in the documentation.
  • Manageability and scalability enhancements - performance improvements have been made to the repository, reporting and alerting so data is inserted more quickly.

Version 7.5

  • New Server Dashboard Panel Gallery and Templates - Users can customize their Server Dashboard to see the performance information that is the most relevant for their environment. Dashboards can be saved as templates and shared across servers or among console users.
  • Server Activity Timeline - Visualize server performance events in the form of a timeline calendar—instead of simply as a list of events—to identify trends and streamline diagnostics and resolution. Events are color-coded for easy differentiation on the timeline, with a sliding scale at the bottom to zoom in to a desired timeframe.
  • Enhanced Performance Baselines - Define and report on SQL Server performance baselines. Users can view the Server baseline performance values and compare a server's baseline over time ranges, as well as across different servers. Reports will now show the baseline in the given performance metric's graph or chart, allowing for better capacity planning for new servers.
  • Per-Database and Per-Disk Alerts - Users can now get alerts on such items as OS Disk Full, OS Database Full, and OS Log Full shown for specific sizes in GBs or MBs as well as a percentage of the total size of the database.

Version 7.2

  • Monitoring SQL Server Virtual Environments - Get complete insight into the performance of your virtualized SQL Server databases. Monitor and track VMware specific performance counters allowing you to get a complete performance picture of the SQL Server environment.
  • SQLdm Mobile views - New server dashboard specifically for tablets and incorporated VMware monitoring data.
  • SQL Server 2012 Support

Version 7.1

  • New SQL Server Dashboard - Completely redesigned dashboard dramatically expands the display of the performance data simplifying the display of the overall health of a SQL Server.
  • New tempdb Monitoring - Quickly identify and resolve tempdb performance related issues with our new tempdb monitoring and diagnostic views.
  • New SQLdm mobile views - Three new views make diagnosing performance issues while you're on-the-go even easier.
  • Blocking Chain View
  • Sessions > Top Wait Consumers View
  • tempdb Monitoring View

Version 7.0

  • New SQL diagnostic manager Mobile - New web interface displays real-time SQL Server performance data on a wide-variety of mobile devices including iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7 Phone.
  • New Idera Newsfeed - New revolutionary technology uses social networking paradigms to build a community of users and SQL Server system objects. Enables more effective collaboration, communication, management and faster problem resolution.
  • New Alert Templates - Easily save default alert settings into an alert template that can be quickly applied to an individual or group of SQL Servers.
  • Informational Alerts - Accurately represent the overall health of your servers by specifying particular alerts as 'informational'.

Version 6.6

  • Identify Database File Disk Activity – Immediately identify and track which database files are causing the most disk activity to be performed on a particular drive.
  • Monitor Additional Job Statuses and Steps - Monitor additional job completion statuses such as success, retries, as well as, complete job step monitoring.

Version 6.5

  • Predictive Alerting – Prevent SQL Server performance problems by finding out what alerts are likely to occur in the next 12 hours, based on past performance and current activity.
  • Enhanced Query Monitoring – Easily identify worst performing queries for a particular system resource such as CPU, I/O, Reads, or Writes and drill down to view the query details and history.
  • SNMP Traps – Capture and send SNMP alerts to a Network Management System, allowing for easy integration with enterprise monitoring solutions.

Version 6.2

  • Additional Disk Counters - Collect, alert on and display Disk Reads/Writes/Transfers per Second.
  • Customizable Views - Customizable disk view allows users to select the disk performance counters that are most relevant to their particular environment.
  • Identify Server Resource Bottlenecks - Quickly determine which resources the server is waiting on throughout the day and causing the biggest bottleneck on your system.
  • Identify Query Resource Bottlenecks - Immediately identify what databases, application, statements, or users are waiting the most for resources and what particular wait stat is the biggest bottleneck.

Version 6.1

  • Enhanced Cluster Monitoring - Quickly respond to cluster failovers with our new cluster monitoring alerts. Be notified when the active node of a clustered server changes or the SQL server active node is not the preferred configuration. Eliminates the need for additional cluster monitoring solution for SQL Server.
  • Deadlock Monitoring (SQL 2005/2008 only) - Receive notification about deadlocks, no matter when they occur. SQL diagnostic manager will then let you see the deadlocked details and easily export the details to a deadlock XML (.xdl) file.
  • Enhanced Replication Environment Monitoring - Track performance in your replication environment with our revised and enhanced monitoring method and new management view. View the overall replication environment topology and key replication performance metrics.

Version 6.0

  • Automated Problem Resolution and Alert Integration - Automatically takes corrective action in response to receiving an alert saving time and improving productivity.
  • Perform backup to truncate logs in response to an alert the log file is full
  • Turn on Query Monitor in response to high SQL Server CPU usage
  • Launch a particular program to synchronize alerts with a help desk or other monitoring application
  • Reports 2.0 - New reporting interface, as well as enterprise and server summary reports, forecasting reports, interactive drill-down, automatic integration with SQL Server Reporting Services, and Email Scheduling.
  • Monitor Database Mirroring Environment - Monitor mirrored databases and notify users of changes in role or performance issues affecting their mirroring environment.
  • PowerShell Snapin - Quickly and easily script many of the SQL diagnostic manager management tasks using the new PowerShell Snapin.
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