SQL Page Viewer has given you the page level data you needed to quickly diagnose issues in your SQL Server for free.
Get even more diagnostic capabilities including query performance troubleshooting with SQL Diagnostic Manager.
Physical and Virtual Performance Monitoring
View performance metrics and alerts for physical and virtual machines and their related hosts including CPU, memory, disk usage, network etc. to get a complete performance picture of the SQL Server environment.
Query Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics
Identify and monitor inefficient and poor performing SQL queries, batches, statements and stored procedures causing blocks and deadlocks, such as long or most frequent queries or queries consuming unusually high CPU or I/O. Then dig deep into problematic queries with new query plan diagnostic capabilities.
SQL Diagnostic Manager gives you the best insight into SQL performance data so you can maintain performance and database availability 24x7 for all your servers.
Learn more about SQL Diagnostic Manager with 24x7
SQL Server performance monitoring,alerting, and diagnostics.
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Backup & Administration
SQL Safe
Hands-free backup across
your SQL Servers
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Security & Compliance
SQL Compliance Manager
Improve Any SQL Server Audit
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Monitoring & Performance
SQL Inventory Manager
Discover, Track and Manage
your SQL Server Inventory
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Design & Architecture
ER/Studio Data Architect
Data Modeling for
Multi-Platform Environments
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Rapid SQL
Create High Performing
SQL Code
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Backup & Administration
Multi-platform Database
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Security & Compliance
SQL Secure
Take Full Control of
SQL Server Permissions
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Monitoring & Performance
Accelerate Business
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