SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

SQL Diagnostic Manager Product Tour

Central Dashboard : View information on the availability, health, and performance of SQL Server across the environment. Display, diagnose, alert, and report on critical performance statistics from a central point of control. Monitor instances, sessions, queries, resources, databases, and services. Gather diagnostic information in real time with the unique agentless architecture, and replay historical data. Experienced and junior database administrators benefit from this intuitive and indispensable tool.

Query Performance Monitoring : Establish criteria for capturing queries and filter the results to analyze the returned queries. Automatically reduce all active queries to signatures with stripped parameters, present all queries exactly as collected, track the history of the performance of a query over time, and display the queries with the longest wait times.

Prescriptive Analysis : Identify and resolve performance problems by generating expert recommendations for improving performance including executable scripts. Target some of the most common areas of performance problems, such as queries, server configuration, security, database objects, memory, and more. The intuitive interface makes this feature accessible to a broad range of users.

Predictive Alerting : Configure alerts to inform and warn about approaching issues using custom thresholds. View the alerts on the desktop, web, and mobile consoles. Automatically send an email notification, display a message in the Windows taskbar, write an event to the Windows Event Log, execute a SQL and PowerShell script, escalate to System Center Operations Manager, and more. Identify trends in past alert activity, and recognize the likelihood of the events happening again.

Comprehensive Reporting : Create reports to analyze current and historical performance and statistical data. Monitor reports provide information for the monitored instances and their physical and virtual machines. Analysis reports provide information to analyze the current effectiveness of the instances. Planning reports provide information for capacity planning for future needs based on current trends. Extend the included reports with custom reports using SQL Server Reporting Services.