SQL Update Statistics has helped clean out and refresh outdated table statistics on your SQL Server for free.
Get more insight by identifying, reorganizing, and rebuilding fragmented tables with SQL Defrag Manager.
You’ve taken the first step in keeping your infrastructure updated and running smoothly. Now it’s time to identify fragmented tables and repair your systems before performance issues arise.
Start scheduling defrag jobs FOR FREE with SQL Defrag Manager.
Automated Analysis
SQL Defrag Manager performs an automated analysis of key metrics related to fragmentation to quickly pinpoint those areas where fragmentation is severely hindering performance. SQL Defrag Manager then automatically triggers corrective measures.
Avoid Contention
Find where key system indicators are being utilized prior to defragmenting to ensure that the policy is able to run as scheduled and avoid potential system problems.
SQL Defrag Manager monitors your SQL Servers for fragmented databases, tables, and indexes and allows you to see the impact of these hot spots and quickly repair them to improve performance. And you can do all of this easily from one centralized dashboard.
Learn more about SQL Defrag Manager how to
find and fix SQL fragmentation hot spots fast.
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