Database Compliance Auditing for SQL Server

SQL Compliance Manager

Version 5.7

  • New reporting features
    • New reports in the Windows client and SSRS for Server Activity, Trusted/Privileged Users, and Sensitive Column/Before-After Data provide additional insights
    • Additional filters for Event Type, Schema, multiple Logins, and Dates/Times enable better reporting granularity
    • Ability to limit user access to selected reports in the Windows client console increases security controls

Version 5.6

  • Regulatory Guideline additions
    • Audit for compliance against pre-defined GDPR settings with the new audit and reporting regulatory guideline template
    • Quickly compare your customized or modified audit configuration against the regulation guidelines with the Regulation Compliance Check Report to verify that your settings are compliant
  • Configuration and Settings enhancements
    • New logic indicates related settings for servers versus databases, and applies selected server-level settings to associated databases
    • Define default configuration settings at the server or database level, starting from IDERA best-practice recommendations, and apply them to selected servers and databases
    • Quickly view any differences from default settings in the Configuration Check Report
    • Designate a Server Level Trusted User for all associated databases to reduce data collection for that user
    • Collect data specifically for Selects and DML activity with Sensitive Column Auditing to identify sensitive information
    • Set the server-level configuration to optionally capture Logout events as well as Logins and Failed Logins
    • Add databases to the auditing list automatically with default database settings applied when they are created
  • Web console update
    • The web console will be primarily used by auditors and executives to view alerts and reports
    • Configurations, Settings, and Properties are no longer visible or editable in the web console to protect them from unauthorized changes
  • Bug fixes

Version 5.5

  • New audit and reporting regulatory guideline templates
    • Defense Information Security Agency / Security Technical Implementation Guide (DISA STIG)
    • North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)
    • Center for Internet Security (CIS)
  • Updates to existing audit and reporting templates
    • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) – now a standard template
    • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
    • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • New option to save and upload custom regulatory guidelines
  • Sensitive data set selection option that spans across multiple tables
  • Row count function added for all event types (SQL Server 2008 and later)
    • Visible in Event Properties in both web console and client interface
    • Set alerts based on row count with optional time interval thresholds
    • Generate reports with row count information
  • Audit logs support for SQL Server 2017 added for collecting audit data
  • Extended events support added to Windows Management Console
  • Improved user installation experience:
    • Updated installer wizard streamlines the installation options and process
    • Silent installer option enables easier setup for new servers
    • Microsoft dll components installed with SQL Compliance Manager
  • Windows Server 2016 OS and SQL Server 2017 database platform support
  • Bug fixes and UI enhancements

Version 5.4.2

  • Support for TLS v1.2 protocol
  • Bug fixes and enhancements for administration, auditing, archiving and reporting

Version 5.4

  • Monitor and audit SQL Server Extended Events for SELECT and DML events
  • Discover the location of sensitive data that needs to be audited using the integrated sensitive column search
  • Additional console functions are now available via the web interface:
    • Import sensitive columns
    • Import audit settings
    • Export audit settings

Version 5.3.1

  • SQL Server 2016 Support
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

Version 5.3

  • General Availability of the Web Dashboard – the Web Dashboard now includes the majority of the features present in the Windows Console, including the explore audited SQL Servers Summary views, Alert Rules, Event Filters, Activity and Change Logs, Audit Reports, and more
  • IDERA Dashboard Integration – addition of Enterprise Activity Report Card widget modeled after the Enterprise Activity graph, and an Audited Instances widget modeled after the Audited Instances graph
  • Export Web Views – Allows web console views to be exported to common formats such as PDF, making it easy to add information to any external custom report
  • Ability to set email notifications for audit events using web dashboard

Version 5.0

  • Availability Group Support - automatically switches the auditing from primary to the secondary replica in the event of failure as well as failback to primary when it comes back online. No loss of audit data trail in the event of failure
  • Tech Preview of new Web-based Dashboard – newly designed web console offers quick views of key audit trail activities on SQL Servers from any web browser. Identify key compliance issues quickly and provide an easy access point to non-DBAs without giving access to the entire management console
  • Integration with IDERA Dashboard – web-based views are also designed to work within IDERA’s Dashboard providing an integrated common console to use across IDERA products

Version 4.5

  • Enhanced SQL instance registration – New guided installation wizard makes registering new SQL Server instances with SQL Compliance Manager fast and easy
  • Improved Scheduled Repository Archiving – schedule automated repository archives to specified archive database drive
  • SNMP alert notifications – use SNMP to send alerts when critical SQL Server events occur
  • Support for SQL Server 2014

Version 4.3

  • Collection Server only install - SQL Compliance Manager now allows you to install the Collection Server and Repository only to support installing SQLCM on a cluster

Version 4.2

  • Enhanced Command Line Interface - New CLI, allows you to quickly register SQL Server objects for auditing and additionally allows you to apply exported audit settings
  • FERPA and SOX Compliance Templates - Out-of-the-box, customizable templates collect data that takes the guesswork out of how to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requirements guidelines

Version 4.0

  • HIPAA and PCI compliance templates - Out-of-the-box, customizable templates collect data that takes the guesswork out of how to comply with Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA), HITECH and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) requirement guidelines
    • Regulation Guideline reporting - the Regulation Guidelines report includes details for all of the guidelines applied to the databases on the selected SQL Server instance
    • Easy Configuration Wizard - Use a single wizard to register SQL Server instances, deploy the SQLCM Agent, add databases for audit, configure your audit settings for selected regulatory guidelines, and more

Version 3.6

  • Alerting for sensitive column access - Receive alerts for anyone who has accessed data from any number of columns in your audited tables and proactively be informed of potentially malicious intent

Version 3.5

  • Sensitive column auditing -  Track who has "accessed" data from any number of columns in your audited tables and proactively audit the activity
  • Transaction status Auditing- Audit the status of any transaction that executes DML statements on your audited database.This enhancement includes rollbacks and save points, allowing you to recognize and address suspicious activity

Version 3.3

  • Support for FIPS 140 (Federal Information Processing Standard)

Version 3.2

  • Column-level before/after auditing – Easily track which DML events affected specific columns on sensitive or mission-critical database tables and monitor the column value before and after the event
  • New status alerts – Ensure your audits perform as expected by receiving real-time status alerts when a disruption in your SQL Compliance Manager deployment has occurred
  • Support for SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Support for Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7

Version 3.1

  • Enterprise, Server and Database Activity Scorecards – Summarizes key info at a glance such as alerts, failed logins, privileged user activity, overall activity and more
  • Auditing thresholds - Customizable warnings to visibly alert you when server activity exceeds normal levels
  • Auditing templates – provides XML file import and export with audit rules, event filters, and alerts. These files can be used as common templates, in automation, and shared amongst the user community. IDERA will distribute sample templates that you can import to address common auditing needs
  • Enhanced reporting - Reporting Services viewer built right into the console
  • Brand new console design - New look based on Microsoft Office 2007 “ribbons” design
  • Custom Views – easily create and save custom views into audited activity
  • Trusted User – allows you to trust specific users and exclude activity from audit trail. This is particularly useful for self-auditing ERP systems such as SAP
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