Total SQL Compare From Data to Schema

SQL Comparison Toolset

Schema snapshots

Maintain an audit trail of schema changes by saving schema snapshots. Snapshots can be compared to a live database to identify differences and provide a safe and efficient way to reverse schema changes when necessary.

Customizable comparisons

Easily compare and synchronize data for whole databases or selected tables and quickly compare and synchronize schema for whole databases or selected objects.

Cross-version capabilities

Although comparison and synchronization scripts are version specific, SQL comparison toolset can perform synchronization between any of the different supported SQL Server versions.

Mapping rules

Use mapping rules to customize the way database schemas, object names and data types are paired.

Robust-object capabilities

Use comparison filters against tables, stored procedures, views, user-defined functions, XML schema collections, and CLR assemblies. Choose to include or exclude particular object types by specifying their name.

Project workspaces

Create and store different workspaces for different sets of servers and databases containing snapshots and comparison sessions and easily navigate back to them to jump straight into a comparison operation.

Comparison sessions

Save all the data related to a comparison operation such as databases, credentials, options, mapping rules, scripting options, and more; allowing for single click re-run or comparison operations.


Automate data or schema comparison and synchronization operations using the command-line utility allowing for unattended comparison and synchronization.

Robust engine

Efficient, fast, configurable and scalable comparison engine.

Ready to deploy scripts

Generate a synchronization script to quickly and easily update the schema of a targeted database. Review the script before executing, save, print, or open it in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Preview the synchronization log for a summary of the changes to be applied to the target database.

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