SQL Admin Toolset

SQL Admin Toolset

Version 1.9.4

  • Support for SQL Server 2019
  • Support for Windows Server 2019
  • Support for display scale of 125%
  • Backup Status: Display recovery mode
  • Database Mover: Support for clustered shared volume disk
  • Login Copy: Copy over permissions
  • User Clone: Script multiple users

Version 1.9.2

  • Support SQL Server 2017
  • New licensing
  • Backup Status: Timestamps for backups on Availability Group nodes
  • Database Mover: Moves from higher to lower versions and editions
  • Multi Query: Improved navigation; database searches
  • Job Editor: New configuration options
  • Job Mover: Enable and disable copied jobs; update job steps to point to new server for SSIS packages
  • Partition Generator: Support datetime2 datatype

Version 1.9

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • Patch Analyzer: Access to online build list
  • SQL Backup Status: Exclude offline databases
  • Fixed defects and addressed minor feature requests

Version 1.8

  • Support for SQL Server 2014

Version 1.7

  • Improved Quick Reindex behavior on indexes with a non-default fill factor
  • Support for online index rebuild in Quick Reindex
  • Partition Generator support for multiple editions of SQL Server
  • Improved export behavior for Space Analyzer and other tools which export file sizes
  • Enhanced usability in the SQL discovery tool with respect to unreachable servers

Version 1.6

  • Support for SQL Server 2012

Version 1.5

  • New Linked Server Copy Tool – New tool that can quickly and easily copy linked servers from one server to another
  • Enhancements and bug fixes

Version 1.3

  • Enhancements and bug fixes

Version 1.2

  • Server Statistics Are Too High - the Server Statistics tool now uses time-interval sampling to ensure that statistics reported on a per second basis are not unexpectedly high
  • User Clone Fails to Copy Database Permissions - the User Clone tool now correctly copies the user rights and role memberships assigned to a user when you clone the corresponding SQL Server login
  • User Clone Fails to Copy Schema Ownership - the User Clone tool now will copy the schema object permissions assigned to a user when you clone the corresponding SQL Server login. To enable this option, select the “Include database access” check box
  • Cannot Clone Database User when SQL Server Login Name is Different - the User Clone tool now supports cloning a database user whose name is different than the associated SQL Server login
  • Cannot Clone Securables (SQL Server 2005 or Later) - when attempting to clone a user from an instance running SQL Server 2005 or later, the User Clone tool will now correctly clone the server, endpoint, and login securables associated with the source user
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