Database Discovery and Tuning Tools for SQL Server

SQL Discovery and Tuning Suite

SQL Discovery and Tuning Suite Product Tour

SQL Diagnostic Manager : View information on the availability, health, and performance of SQL Server across the environment. Display, diagnose, alert, and report on critical performance statistics from a central point of control. Monitor instances, sessions, queries, resources, databases, and services. Gather diagnostic information in real time with the unique agentless architecture, and replay historical data. Experienced and junior database administrators benefit from this intuitive and indispensable tool.

SQL Inventory Manager : View summary information across the environment for health checks and recommendations, database instance details, and server and environment information. Drill down to see health checks and details for specific instances, including connected applications and custom inventory fields. Drill down even further to view key details for specific databases.

SQL Defrag Manager : Analyze databases to collect updated fragmentation information, review the analysis results, and defragment the highly-fragmented areas to optimize performance and space usage. Analyze database index fragmentation across the enterprise to find and defragment hot spots to improve performance. Use policies to automate this process and maintain databases with minimal time and effort.