Database Business Intelligence Services Monitoring for SQL Server

SQL BI Manager

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Monitor performance of SQL Server BI systems : SQL Business Intelligence (BI) Manager provides comprehensive and agentless monitoring of the servers and services for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Reporting Services (SSRS), and Integration Services (SSIS). Monitor the health and availability of your entire SQL Server BI environment with a dashboard that displays an alert status and enables you to drill down to find details relating to performance and availability issues.

Configure alerts for BI services : The Alerts view displays all of the current alerts for the monitored BI services along with the historical alerts. Email notifications alert you when services are performing poorly through the configurable alerts functionality. Set your thresholds to trigger the alerts for a variety of BI components such as report generation performance and memory and CPU usage of a service.

View monitored SSAS services : Monitor SSAS performance and processing metrics, query activity, cache, sessions, object utilization, and user activity. SQL BI Manager displays the list of monitored service instances for each service and general information about the service instance. Performance information pertaining to a variety of metrics is accessible by selecting a specific service instance.

View SSRS report history : The SSRS report history shows all reports executed with status, type, executing user, and any report parameters. View SSRS performance counters and report execution activity to monitor how long it takes reports to run, which ones did not run, and the impact on server resources. View by user, session, and processing time.

Review SSIS execution history : The SSIS execution history allows you to search for a particular package execution and then drill down into the steps executed and see performance statistics and status. Upon selecting a step, you can view any warning or error messages associated with that step. View SSIS activity to monitor integration package status, execution duration, and any error occurrences.