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IDERA relentlessly delivers the industry's most complete solution for 24x7 SQL Server performance monitoring, alerting, and diagnostics and tirelessly supports the SQL community with 100% free tools and expert advice.

Compare, side by side, the features and functionalities of some of the best SQL Server inventory tools the market has to offer. Download a free trial today!

  IDERA SQL Inventory Manager Quest Discovery Wizard Microsoft Assessment & Planning Toolkit
Discover all SQL Server Versions on the Network
Discover SQL BI Services
Manage Inventory using Centralized Management Dashboard
Create Users using Role-Based Security
View SQL Server Inventory with Graphical Explorer
Run Server Health Checks and learn about potential maintenance issues
Access anytime, anywhere via web-based UI
Discover and find information about databases on AlwaysOn Availability Groups
Organize Server & Database Decommissioning
Organize and Group Inventory with Tags and Custom Fields
Manage Microsoft updates to ensure servers are current and supported
Only Versions and Service Packs Only Versions and Service Packs
Schedule Auto-Discovery of New Servers
Setup and Receive Email Alerts for Health Checks

Discover why IDERA is the Best SQL Inventory Tool

Comprehensive yet simple discovery and tracking of your SQL Server environment is essential as your organization grows. SQL Inventory Manager provides unrivaled tools to help you keep track of and manage your database environment from one web-based dashboard without having to be an expert in Microsoft SQL Server.

Basic SQL Server discovery capabilities are provided by some solutions, but with IDERA you get much more. SQL Inventory Manager provides a broad enterprise-wide view of all your SQL Servers through automated discovery as well as simple, actionable information about the state of your environment.

Unlike Quest Discovery Wizard, IDERA SQL Inventory Manager is able to discover database instances on AlwaysOn Availability Groups and SQL Server BI services as well as create tags at the server, instance and database levels to organize by owner, location, function or other categories to suit different needs.

Perform health checks on monitored servers and get a simple list with recommendations for improvement from SQL Server experts. Plus, receive automatic alerts for key server indicators such as server unavailable or server running out of space. Microsoft Assessment & Planning toolkit does not provide this level of vital information.

Download a free, full-function 14-day trial of IDERA SQL Inventory Manager and discover for yourself how it can make your life simpler, save your company time and money, and help make you a rock star DBA in your organization.

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