Achieve Comprehensive 24/7 MySQL and MariaDB Monitoring

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL Product Tour

Flexible Dashboard with Overview : View monitored and disconnected MySQL or MariaDB servers, MySQL or MariaDB servers with critical alerts and warnings, and top 10 SQL queries across all MySQL or MariaDB servers based on total time.

Security Monitoring : Monitor the security of MySQL or MariaDB including hacking attempts. Also, monitor excessive privileges.

Disk and Lock Monitoring : Monitor disk usage for the top MySQL or MariaDB databases including index size, data size, total size, and the ratio of data to total size.

Multiple User Support : Provide access for multiple users. Specify the type of user, role, allowed and disallowed tags, and allowed actions.

Replication Topology Overview : View the topology of the replication servers including stable, non-synchronized and disconnected servers, and details for each master and slave.