Query Monitoring and Analysis for MySQL

Free Tool - MySQL Query Explorer

Monitor problematic queries, and view explain plans and execution statistics

  • Monitor top resource consuming queries
  • Explore explain plan and execution statistics to tune performance
  • Manually run any query and examine directly from the tool
  • Export results to popular formats for analysis and reporting

Monitor Top Resource Consuming Queries

The Query Monitor highlights top resource consuming queries in execution and provides summary statistics to give a quick overview of status and places to investigate further. Set the sampling interval between 30 seconds and 10 minutes or manually refresh to get a real-time view. Select queries for further investigation or Kill a problem query with one click.

Explore Explain Plan and Execution Statistics

Select a query from the monitor view, or manually run, to view the Explain Plan and Execution Statistics details. Focus in to examine problem areas, edit the query directly from the tool, and then run it again to tune performance.

Manually Run and Examine Any Query

Utilize the tool independent of the monitor. Simply enter any query in the details view or open from a file and run manually to examine the plan and statistics. Save query statements for future use or later review.

Export Results to Popular Formats

Results are presented in a summary grid for easy investigation or can be exported for further analysis or reporting. Explain Plan details can be exported to JSON or plain text and Execution Statistics can be exported to Excel or CSV.

* Work on MySQL without installing anything on the affected instances.


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