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SERVER MAYHEM.... It happens.
You predict, you plan, you prepare. And yet, there it is, ready to take down your data in subtle or extreme ways.

Whatever Server Mayhem scenario keeps you awake at night, Idera Server Backup helps you and your data recover and survive. 

Backup. Recover. Get back to business. 

  Extreme Scenario  Real-World Scenario Server Mayhem Survival Tip Server Mayhem 
 Raging cloned 
dinosaur attack
Raging Hackers Attack!
Someone replaced all the front
page website image files with
announcements that you've
been hacked
Quickly create a snapshot for forensic analysis using Server Backup Manager's
on-demand backup. Then, use Idera Server Backup Manager's file restore
functionality to recover the website's index files, or use roles & groups to
enable the webmaster to do self-service recovery.
  Robot Uprising Machines Revolt!
That last batch of new servers
all had the same faulty hard
drive, and they are all failing
at once
 Idera Server Backup Manager's Bare Metal Restore (BMR) capabilities
enable you to restore the entire server on a new drive.
Global Magnetic
Pole Reversal
An admin gets his databases
reversed and drops a number
of MySQL tables, resulting in
failure of a critical production
application and major
disruption to business while
it's out
Idera Server Backup Manager has specialized database and application
features for a number of popular technologies including Microsoft
SQL Server, MySQL and Microsoft Exchange with a recovery wizard to get
those applications back in action. 
   Zombie Apocalyse 
(it could happen!)
When an executive deletes
important files, the admin tries
to restore and finds corrupt,
zombie backups from the
living dead 
Not only does Idera Server Backup Manager have reporting on whether or
not backups are occurring, but Disk Safe Verification (DSV) checks for
corruption in the backup files, making sure they are restore-able. 
  Meteor Strikes/ 
Plagues of Locusts/
Biblical Flooding
Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes
and natural disasters can strike
in any location, at any time 
Idera Server Backup Manager's backup portability enables offsite backup
storage. Simply put a backup on a USB drive at a remote location as the
enterprise's backup rotation policy mandates. 
  Aliens Attack  The backup server fails, and
jobs are on the line if you can't
get is back up and maintain
service level agreements 
Idera Server Backup Manager's multi-point replication works like a backup,
but for the backup server. BMR or file restore the backup server without 
having to set up policies, users, etc. to be up and running again.