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SQL Diagnostic Manager

SQL Diagnostic Manager

Pinpoint and troubleshoot SQL performance
issues in minutes. Learn what's behind the
alerts and where the problems are, fast.

Performance monitoring
for physical and virtual environments
Query plan monitoring
to see the causes of blocks & deadlocks
History browsing
to find and troubleshoot past issues
Predictive alerting
with settings to avoid false alerts


Proactively manage all DBMSs (Oracle, SQL Server,
DB2 and Sybase) from a single common interface.
Automate common and repetitive tasks.

Manage Multiple Platforms
for collaborating among different database teams
Manage Space, Data and Performance
of your databases with a built-in process monitor
Identify and Resolve Performance
issues over time in a variety of situations.
Simplify Schema and Data Migrations
to move data across the same or different platforms
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