Go Faster and Be Safe with SQL Traffic Accelerator

While NASCAR drivers go extremely fast, state-of-the-art technology keeps them safe from severe harm. Idera's new product SQL Traffic Accelerator does the same thing for all your data. Our new accelerator improves application and replication performance while delivering loads of security. Put the pedal to the metal and have a virtual roll cage keeping all your information as safe as possible.

Amazing performance. Safe data. Why not? Join the beta today!*

Low productivity: no good!
“Latency on my network is killing user productivity.”

Advanced compression and TCP/IP handling with SQL Traffic Accelerator cuts down on network latency and improves bandwidth utilization, boosting productivity.

Optimized compression for greater speed
“I need to perform real-time replication over WAN connections.”

SQL Traffic Accelerator uses advanced compression and optimization of data packets to reduce bandwidth requirements, helping even poor connections perform like a high speed LAN.

Moving to the cloud can't disrupt data integrity 
“My SQL Server applications are moving to the cloud. Data integrity and security are more important than ever.”

End-to-end data encryption facilitates more secure transactions across the network.  SQL Traffic Accelerator reduces complexity and risk of data loss by creating a more secure and solid connection.

*Please note: this is beta software and is NOT intended for production environments.