FAQ—Metalogix acquires Idera SharePoint Products and Brand

On October 23, 2013, Metalogix acquired Idera’s highly successful and profitable SharePoint business, including the market-leading backup and monitoring products—SharePoint Backup and SharePoint Diagnostic Manager. With this acquisition, Metalogix is furthering its mission to provide customers with the industry’s best-in-class portfolio of content infrastructure management software to deploy, operate and protect Microsoft SharePoint platforms on-premises and in the cloud.

 With this acquisition Metalogix will:

  • Deliver the industry’s fastest SharePoint backup and recovery technology, with instant deployments and full farm protection of business critical content
  • Provide single-source delivery of a complete suite of best-in-class SharePoint migration, administration, storage optimization, backup, monitoring and replication technologies
  • Be the fastest growing SharePoint-focused Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in the world
  • Service over 14,000 customers in 86 countries on 7 continents
  • Deliver world-class LIVE 24 by 7 customer support

Strategy and Business Integration

Why is Metalogix acquiring Idera’s SharePoint business?
Companies in every industry sector seek increasingly efficient and sophisticated solutions to manage a rapidly expanding volume of SharePoint content for today’s increasingly collaborative, global and mobile workforce. Metalogix is pleased to announce the integration of Idera’s award-winning products to its market-leading portfolio of content infrastructure management software for SharePoint, Exchange and Cloud platforms. Metalogix new and existing customers and partners will receive the following benefits from this acquisition:

  • Industry’s Fastest Backup and Recovery Product: The addition of Idera’s SharePoint Backup technology to the Metalogix StoragePoint product delivers lightning-fast speeds for the backup and recovery of terabytes of content with just a few click, in just minutes, instead of hours or days. SharePoint Backup also features easy, granular document recovery capabilities and powerful backup file compression that saves storage space.
  • Increased Visibility:  Idera’s SharePoint Diagnostic Manager provides real-time visibility for SharePoint infrastructure to proactively detect problems and rapidly resolve system errors and disruptions.
  • Expanded Customer Resources and Support: Customers will benefit from Metalogix expanded reach, scale and resources, including its industry-leading LIVE 24 by 7 support program. Also, Idera customers will gain access to Metalogix complete portfolio of best-in-class SharePoint migration, administration, storage optimization and replication technologies.

What are the financial details of this transaction?
Metalogix has acquired Idera’s highly successful SharePoint business including products, brands and all related assets. Metalogix is a privately held company and details of this transaction are not being disclosed.

How does this acquisition benefit Idera?
By transferring its SharePoint business to Metalogix, Idera will be able to focus on advancing its application and server management business. Idera can be assured that its SharePoint customers will continue to get world-class products and support for their SharePoint infrastructure needs.


How does this acquisition benefit Metalogix customers?
Through this acquisition Metalogix customers now have access to the industry's leading SharePoint backup, recovery and monitoring products. Metalogix customers will derive additional benefits from Metalogix products they already own as Metalogix enhances and integrates acquired backup and monitoring products into its portfolio.

How does this acquisition benefit Idera’s SharePoint customers?
The integration of Idera’s SharePoint business with Metalogix portfolio of premier products for the management of the entire SharePoint lifecycle will exponentially increase efficiencies and value for Idera customers managing enterprise SharePoint environments. Customers will also benefit from Metalogix industry-leading LIVE 24 by 7 support program. 

What products is Metalogix acquiring from Idera?
Metalogix is acquiring Idera's SharePoint assets and brands, including:

  • SharePoint Enterprise Manager
  • SharePoint Diagnostic Manager
  • SharePoint Audit
  • SharePoint Backup
  • SharePoint Performance Monitor
  • SharePoint Admin Toolset
MetaVis Technologies, the developer of Idera’s SharePoint Migration Suite, SharePoint Migration Manager, SharePoint Content Organizer, and SharePoint Information Architect products will continue to support existing Idera customers. As part of this change, you will now be able to contact MetaVis directly to handle any technical support queries, access new features and updates

MetaVis will make this transition as smooth as possible for you. If you do have any questions about the transition or the product, please feel free to reach out to MetaVis Directly using the contact information below or read our FAQ www.metavistech.com/support/faq/metavis-idera-sharepoint-migration-suite-transition
What can I expect during this transition?
Over the next few months Idera will work with Metalogix to ensure a smooth transition and positive experience for our customers. Idera will continue to provide Customer Support, but all Sales and Renewals will transition immediately to Metalogix.

What does this change mean for me?
Your current maintenance agreements for Idera SharePoint products will be transitioned to Metalogix automatically, so there will be no disruption of support services. For now, you’ll continue calling Idera for support, licensing changes, or general questions. Metalogix will contact you with details when it’s time to change.

What do I do for Technical Support?
For the immediate future you should continue to contact Idera's Technical Support for any assistance. Metalogix and Idera will work together to provide a smooth transition to Metalogix's Customer Support.

How do I contact Metalogix?

Any customer can contact Metalogix using its worldwide number of 202-609-9100 for assistance or email [email protected].

What will happen to Idera's other products?
Idera will continue to focus and invest in their industry-leading SQL, Server Backup and APM products.

Will someone contact me with more details regarding this transition?
Yes. A Metalogix representative will contact you with more details and to answer any further questions you may have.


How does this acquisition benefit Idera’s SharePoint partners?
Idera’s SharePoint partners will be able to use Metalogix products to create additional offerings and services focused on SharePoint migration, administration, storage optimization, backup, monitoring and replication. These new offerings and services will help Idera partners extend relationships with their current SharePoint customers and clients, and serve new ones.

How does this acquisition benefit Metalogix partners?
Metalogix partners will be able to use any of the Idera products to create additional offerings and services focused on SharePoint backup and monitoring. These new offerings and services will help our partners extend relationships with their current SharePoint customers and clients, and serve new ones.


Are there areas of overlap in the product lines?
Metalogix and Idera’s technologies are both designed to deploy, operate and protect SharePoint data.  We are excited to bring best-in-class solutions and functionality together as we integrate and enhance Metalogix and Idera’s product offerings.  We’ll also seek to align features and products wherever possible. Metalogix ControlPoint for SharePoint Administration product is the industry standard for enterprise customers and over time we will transition all of our customers to move to this industry-standard platform.  As we work out details, we’ll certainly share them.

What will happen to the backup capabilities built into Metalogix StoragePoint?
Metalogix StoragePoint, the leading Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) solution, will continue to expand available storage space, slash storage costs and boost SharePoint performance for Metalogix customers, while also providing  basic backup capabilities.

SharePoint Backup is now available to Metalogix StoragePoint customers requiring a comprehensive backup solution with full farm protection, compression and differential backup. Metalogix customers will also benefit from lightning-fast backup speeds resulting from the integration of StoragePoint and SharePoint Backup.

What is the process for the product integration?
Product integration will be driven by how to best address customer requirements and pain points. Metalogix will seek input from key customers, partners and analysts to determine the best way to bring the products together.

Do I need to purchase Metalogix products to continue using Idera’s products?
No. All existing product support agreements will be honored.


Will there be any immediate change to Idera’s support structure?
No, all of Idera’s existing support agreements will be honored.

I am both a Metalogix and Idera customer, who are my sales and support contacts?
Any customer can contact Metalogix using its worldwide number of +1-202-609-9100 for assistance.

Partners should register with Metalogix Partner Portal www.metalogix.com/partners or by contacting [email protected]

Company Information

Who is Metalogix?
Metalogix is the fastest growing SharePoint-focused ISV in the world. For over a decade, Metalogix has provided content infrastructure software that transforms the way commercial and government organizations manage terabytes of content to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration. Metalogix has moved more than 50,000 terabytes of content – more than every other ISV in the marketplace combined.

 More than 14,000 customers in 86 countries on 7 continents rely on Metalogix to upgrade, migrate, organize, store, archive and replicate content on Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Cloud platforms. Metalogix is a Microsoft Gold Partner, a managed partner in Microsoft’s Public Sector, a member of the Microsoft Partner Advisory Board and a certified GSA provider. Metalogix is a privately held company backed by Insight Venture Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners.  Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Metalogix has offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax, London, Bratislava and the Philippines.

What products does Metalogix offer?
Metalogix currently offers the following products that deploy, operate and protect enterprise content on Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Cloud platforms:

  • Metalogix Content Matrix:  The most powerful way to upgrade, migrate and organize your SharePoint content. For more information on Content Matrix, visit http://www.metalogix.com/Products/Content-Matrix.aspx
  • Metalogix Replicator: Synchronizes content across multiple SharePoint farm locations, environments, and versions. It delivers remote users the same speed and performance as at headquarters, even across poor networks and allows organizations to share select content with customers and partners. For more information on the Metalogix Replicator product, visit http://metalogix.com/replicator
  • Metalogix StoragePoint:  The leading Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) solution that externalizes SharePoint content to slash storage cost, boost speed and simplify backup. StoragePoint moves unstructured SharePoint data, known as Binary Large Objects (BLOBs), outside of SQL Server on to affordable external storage tiers, including SAN, NAS or the cloud. For more information visit: http://www.metalogix.com/Products/StoragePoint/
  • Metalogix ControlPoint:  ControlPoint is the most flexible and powerful SharePoint administration product on the market. Understand and govern SharePoint with confidence, using ControlPoint to explore, protect, analyze, and control your content. Perform a complete security analysis on your entire farm. Analyze content and access, identifying trends down to the page or document level. Correct non-compliance and automatically enforce governance policy.
  • Metalogix Replicator:  Replicator is the No.1 SharePoint replication product that synchronizes content across SharePoint farms for high-availability and fast local access for 100 percent uptime. Connect and synchronize two or more distant SharePoint farms in real time so your SharePoint content is always available to avoid delays, boost performance, and increase SharePoint adoption. http://www.metalogix.com/Products/Replicator/Replicator-for-SharePoint.aspx

 Who is Idera?
Idera is a leading provider of application and server management solutions. Idera provides a wide variety of application performance management products including solutions for Microsoft SQL Server. Idera also provides award-winning server backup solutions for both managed service providers and enterprise customers. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Idera is a Microsoft Managed Partner and has over 12,000 customers worldwide. Contact Idera at +1-713-523-4433 or visit www.idera.com for free trials, free tools and more information.

What will happen to Idera’s other products?
With over 12,000 customers, Idera will continue operating multiple, profitable product solutions, including Idera’s award-winning SQL database monitoring and server backup products, as well as the recently acquired CopperEgg and Precise Software business units.