Do more with diverse data sources.

Whether you’re working with relational, unstructured, or NoSQL data,

ER/Studio Data Architect can handle it.


Extensive data modeling capabilities across
multiple relational and big data platforms.


With round-trip database support, ER/Studio Data Architect can visually document NoSQL data assets in a complex database environment that includes Hadoop Hive and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). Data Architect includes the capability to capture data from Hadoop Hive tables into an entity relationship diagram with reverse engineering, and enables data professionals to create Hive tables, compare and merge them with other models, and forward engineer them into a Hadoop Hive database. Data Architect can also import HDP-based big data sources and integrate them into shared models and metadata definitions. Watch Now 


Data modelers can easily capture a MongoDB NoSQL database by reverse engineering it into a physical model to view relationships. The MongoDB structures often contain nested tables, so ER/Studio Data Architect includes a special “is-contained-in” notation to represent these NoSQL relationships in an organized layout. Data Architect also includes the ability to forward engineer into blank-sample JSON. Access to MongoDB assets can be controlled with Kerberos and SSL authentication and encryption, and integrated wizard menus allow the selection of specific tables and their properties to be manipulated for granular visibility of the data. Watch Now ►


Teradata is frequently used to manage large amounts of data stored in a data warehouse. ER/Studio Data Architect makes it easier to manage a Teradata environment with native round-trip support for key capabilities such as ALTER scripts, multi-level partitioned primary indexes (MLPPI), and special temporal data types including Interval and Period. Partitioning improves table performance and avoids the overhead of storing and maintaining secondary indexes. Data Architect helps data professionals build and maintain the data architecture foundation for large, complex databases and data warehouses. Watch Now ►

Need access to other data sources?

Meet MetaWizard.

MetaWizard allows ER/Studio Data Architect to integrate with more than one hundred other applications by sharing metadata through an import-export bridging capability. Easily integrate metadata from modeling tools, business intelligence, ETL platforms, and industry-standard exchange formats such as XMI, XML, and XSD as well as big data platforms such as Hadoop. MetaWizard makes it easy to share metadata across all of these platforms for consistency in your data landscape.


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