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Idera Server Backup makes it simple and easy to back up your server in no time, with the most versatile backup on the planet.

We have you covered for Windows, Linux or virtual machines, with a fast, affordable, and proven solution that’s easy to use and scalable to manage thousands of servers from one web-based enterprise console.

We stack up pretty well against other solutions. Here's How:

Value 80% cheaper than the other guys, so you can protect more of all of your data (no need to pick favorites). Higher costs force you to pick and choose which servers you can afford to protect. Which data can you live without, exactly?
SPEED Continuous data protection—because block-based backups are faster. And faster is what we do. Long backup durations mean you’re only able to backup once a day. And who knows what awesome stuff you’ve been up to in the last 24 hours.
MANAGEABILITY Web UI, security delegation, and portable backups mean more efficiency in operation and function, and more time for lattes. Lots of Windows services to manage, backups are not portable, and restoring individual files is a huge pain in the … backup.
SCALABILITY We protect over 300,000 servers from the smallest businesses to the world’s largest data centers. You could be one of those. We’ll still consider you unique. The other guys don’t put any numbers to their claims. What do they have to hide? We think maybe doughnuts. And that’s just greedy.