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IDERA relentlessly delivers the industry's most complete solution for 24x7 IT infrastructure performance monitoring, alerting, and diagnostics and tirelessly supports the community with 100% free tools and expert advice.

Compare, side by side, the features and functionalities of the best IT infrastructure monitoring tools the market has to offer. Download a free 30-day trial of Uptime Infrastructure Monitor today!

  IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor ManageEngine® OpManager WhatsUp Gold
Physical Server Monitoring
Virtual Server Monitoring VMware, HyperV, Xen VMware, HyperV, Xen Extra License, VMware only
Application Monitoring
Extra License Extra License
SLA Monitoring and Reporting
Extra License  
Network Device and Performance Monitoring
AWS Monitoring via CloudWatch APIs
Extra License  
Capacity Planning
Web Transaction Monitoring
Extra License Extra License
Unified IT Dashboard
Multiple, Modular Dashboards Multiple, Modular Dashboards
Multi Platform Installation Options Windows and Linux Windows and Linux Windows only
Agent and Agentless Monitoring
Agentless only Agentless only
High Availability
Extra License Extra License

Discover why Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is the Best Solution

IT infrastructure monitoring is complex and can involve hundreds to thousands of devices, both physical and virtual, and a wide variety of applications and services. To keep on top of everything IT professionals require a monitoring solution that can see the complete picture and bring them detailed systems information in a simple and fully integrated solution. Unlike others in the industry, Uptime Infrastructure Monitor provides a very comprehensive and integrated solution with a simple, all included licensing plan to make it easy to monitor practically anything a system admin may encounter.

With other vendors like ManageEngine or WhatsUpGold you have to piece together multiple different solutions to monitor network devices, virtual servers, applications, or web transactions. This can be complicated and costly while only providing a loosely integrated, modular system and set of monitoring dashboards.

With Uptime Infrastructure Monitor you get more. In one solution IT professionals can monitor physical and virtual servers, network devices, applications, web transactions, and cloud solutions like AWS. Detailed monitoring through either agentless or agent based methods provides a complete picture of your IT environment from a single, integrated dashboard. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor also goes further by providing in depth SLA monitoring and capacity planning capabilities the others don’t have and includes high availability disaster recovery all at no additional charge.

Download a free, full function 30 day trial of Uptime Infrastructure Monitor and discover for yourself how it can make your life simpler, save your company time and money, and help make you a rock star in your organization.


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