Datasheet : SQL BI Manager

Monitor SQL Server Business Intelligence

SQL BI Manager provides comprehensive and agentless monitoring of the servers and services for SQL Server Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and Integration Services. Dashboard views display data across the entire BI environment and enable you to drill down to find details relating to performance and availability issues.


It’s one thing to know that the report your boss relies on is running slow or your ETL job takes all night. What’s even better is to know why those things are happening. With SQL BI Manager, you can take control of your BI infrastructure. Having insight into your SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, and SQL Server Integration Services environment makes it easy to identify issues that can quickly be resolved to optimize your business environment.

In addition to knowing why those issues occur, email notifications alert you when services are performing poorly through the configurable alerts functionality. Set your own thresholds to trigger the alerts for a variety of BI components such as report generation performance and memory and CPU usage of a service. With the web based console, all of the information is a few clicks away.


  • Comprehensive monitoring of SSAS, SSRS, & SSIS health
  • See detailed SSAS performance metrics, query activity, and sessions
  • Identify issues with object utilization in both Cube and Tabular models
  • Monitor both user and report activity in SSRS
  • View SSIS package execution details and history


Broad Visibility into SQL BI

Over 140 metrics across SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, and SQL Server Integration Services to keep you informed about the health and availability of both the service as well as the server they reside on.

Be Informed

Alert views and configurable email alerting keeps the appropriate individuals informed on critical issues pertaining to the health and status of your BI environment.

Collaborate and Share

Export data from each view to send to management or share and collaborate with team members.

Lightweight Solution

Agentless monitoring means no need to install any software on your BI servers. In addition, a web based console makes it easy to provide access to any team member who needs to monitor the BI environment without installing the console on multiple systems.


Role-based security makes it easy to give and restrict access to the applications based on a user’s role in the organization.

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