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PowerShell Plus is the most advanced Interactive Development Environment for PowerShell available today. Designed to help administrators and developers quickly learn and master Windows PowerShell, it also dramatically increases the productivity of expert users.

PowerShell Plus features a powerful interactive console, an advanced script editor and debugger and a comprehensive interactive learning center all integrated into a single product. Try PowerShell Plus today and see how much more productive you can be.


  • Learn PowerShell fast using the Interactive Learning Center
  • Execute PowerShell quickly and accurately with the powerful interactive console
  • Take advantage of the PowerShell remoting features directly from the interactive console
  • Access hundreds of pre-loaded scripts in the personal QuickClick™ library
  • Download thousands of community scripts from, TechNet and PoshCode – directly from the PowerShell Plus console and editor
  • Debug PowerShell 10x faster with the advanced script editor and easily share your scripts with the PowerShell community


Interactive PowerShell Console:

The PowerShell Plus Console allows you to work interactively with PowerShell from a feature-rich Windows UI. This integration makes working with PowerShell faster and easier to use than ever before.

Advanced Script Editor:

The advanced debugger and script editor lets you build and test complex PowerShell scripts, try one line PowerShell commands from an embedded console window, and sign your script with a security certificate … all from a single workspace.

Comprehensive Learning Center:

The Comprehensive Learning Center helps you experience PowerShell by example. Short tutorials guide you through basic concepts at your own pace. The Comprehensive Learning Center also includes dynamically created help topics from currently installed PowerShell CmdLets, Snap-Ins, and WMI objects.


Integrated Development Environment

  • Flexible user interface: Provides Windows compliant ribbon bar and style manager for theme selection.
  • Start page: Easy access to tasks, recent files, configurable News feeds and Getting Started topics.
  • QuickClick™ Library: Organize scripts and commands that can be executed locally or remotely.
  • Find scripts: Search and download scripts from, Poshcode, and TechNet Script Center libraries.
  • Publish scripts: Share your scripts with the PowerShell community by submitting them to
  • Automate: Use System Explorer to create a customized management view, browse data and execute tasks using PowerShell script.
  • Collaborate: Share scripts with your team by retrieving, editing and saving them to a network share or use Source Control integration features using Microsoft Source Control Interface (MSCCI) compliant plug-ins.
  • Scripting API: Use PowerShellPlus scripting object model to allow you to write PowerShell scripts that manipulate the various visual and functional aspects of the PowerShellPlus IDE.
  • Remoting Configuration: Pre-configure a common set of remoting properties, one or more computers and user credentials to execute scripts remotely or start interactive remote Console sessions.
  • Intellisense-style code completion: Speed up entering commands in the Console or scripting in the Code Editor.
  • Code snippets: Manage and reuse common scripting patterns.
  • Variables: Provides information on all system and user variables defined in your current runspace.
  • Command History: Quick access to your command history allows to you to view, run and use in the Code Editor.
  • Publish to Module: Automatically convert one or more scripts into a re-usable PowerShell Module.
  • Navigational tools: Bookmarks tool enables you to navigate all bookmarks in opened scripts. Breakpoints tool enables you to navigate all PowerShell Plus breakpoints in opened scripts. And, new Call Stack tool window displays function calling order when debugging PowerShell scripts.
  • More new developer tools: New tools include the new Clone Parameter tool, Regular Expression Evaluator tool, and GUID tool dialog creator.
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