Data Modeling and Architecture

ER/Studio Data Architect

Version 18.3

  • Core product support for the latest versions of PostgreSQL
  • Email notifications to users for followed objects when they change
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes

Version 18.2

Extensive support for Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse:

  • Access Redshift via platform-specific ODBC interface
  • Includes all core features, such as forward & reverse engineering, DDL & ALTER script generation, and compare & merge

Addition of several MetaWizard model import bridges:

  • OMG UML 1.x XMI 1.x
  • OMG UML 2.x XMI 2.x
  • Borland Together (via UML 2.x XMI)
  • CA Component Modeler 4.x (via UML 1.x XMI)
  • Microsoft Office Visio UML Class Diagram (via UML 1.x XMI)
  • NoMagic MagicDraw (via UML 2.x XMI)
  • Oracle Data Modeler (ODM) 4.x
  • Tigris ArgoUML (via UML 1.x XMI)

Bug fixes and usability enhancements, including

  • View creation issues

Version 18.1

Numerous bug fixes and usability enhancements, including:

  • Business Data Object usage
  • Installation issues
  • Object editor dialogue pop-ups
  • Repository properties and model check-in process

Version 18.0

Enhancements and bug fixes including:

  • Selectable SQL Server driver for Forward and Reverse Engineering.
  • Oracle 12cR2 has been certified as a deployment platform for the DA Professional repository.
  • Db2 is no longer available as a supported repository hosting platform.
  • Corrected behavior to eliminate synchronization error when checking diagrams into the DA Professional repository.
  • Improved repository database connection verification is provided within the repository configuration screens.
  • Updated repository password encryption.
  • Documentation updates for repository connection options.
  • Corrected inconsistencies in initial vs update repository configuration.
  • It is no longer necessary to uninstall and re-install the Repository when upgrading from 16.1 or later versions. The installer will now detect an existing version and upgrade in place.

Version 17.1

  • Add SQL Server 2017 support for modeling and repository platform
  • Extend MongoDB platform support up to version 3.6
  • Support for repository on Windows Server 2016 OS
  • Multiple bug fixes

Version 17.0

  • Updates for several MetaWizard common model bridges
  • Numerous bug fixes

Version 16.5

Data Modeling and Lineage
  • Universal Mappings enhancements
  • Improved relationship diagramming
Database Platform Support
  • Db2 for z/OS v11.x support
  • SQL Server 2016 support
Change Management
  • Model change management enhancements
User Experience
  • Spell check and revisable text format of editable descriptions
  • Relationship color inheritance
  • Token-based repository check-out and check-in

Version 16.0

  • Represent master data and transactional concepts with Business Data Objects
  • Assign naming standards to models and submodels
  • Provide product usage statistics on application use (optional)
  • Additional platform support for Azure and Teradata
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