Relational Database Management and Development Tools for Multiple Platforms DB PowerStudio

Administer, manage changes, tune queries, and develop relational databases

Database professionals need to minimize the time and effort spent on the routine management and development of databases across the organization. To address this challenge, benefit from IDERA’s bundle of top tools for the management and development of multiple database platforms.

DB Power Studio

Perform database administration

Automate and manage complex database schema changes

Automate SQL query tuning and profiling

Develop SQL code efficiently

"DB PowerStudio provides us with a much faster method for getting things solved in a timely fashion. Instead of using our in-house applications and SQL tools, DB PowerStudio is much more cost-effective and efficient."

Richard Baroniunas, Chief Developer and Owner, Baron Software
(small business, computer services, USA)

"DBArtisan is easy to use and provides visibility across multiple data sources"

Manon Tremblay, IT Consultant, dir systèmes
(small business, professional services, Canada)

"DB Change Manager allowed us to upgrade a complicated application within the allotted time frame and budget. Otherwise, this would have been nearly impossible due to the overwhelming number of database-related changes"

Cristian Speranta, Principle, DBA Consulting Inc.
(small business, computer services, USA)

"With DB Optimizer, we can spot performance issues that may have a potential impact on our organization’s profitability, and we can save time and resources fixing those issues"

Karen Morton, Performance Specialist, FIS Global
(S&P 500, computer services, USA)

DB PowerStudio provides complete database management and development, from administration andchange management to query tuning and development, for multiple database platforms. Save by bundling versus buying each product separately. Plus, save an additional 20% when you purchase inthe online store.

Manage multiple database platforms from a single graphical user interface.

Proactively manage space, data, and performance with built-in analytics. Easily find and fix performance issues using intelligent diagnostics. Move schema and table data across different platforms with ease. Protect data security with view, grant and revoke of permissions. Create complex SQL queries quickly.

Manage Multiple Platform
Automate and Manage

Automate and manage complex schema changes

Quickly roll out and reconcile database changes. Reveal, track, and report on database changes. Comply with database audit and reporting requirements. Protect data privacy within the database environment. Track changes from multiple major database platforms

Tune and profile SQL queries

Tune SQL with automated performance optimization suggestions. Tackle complex SQL queries with visual SQL tuning diagrams. Pinpoint problem SQL with database profiling of wait-time analysis. Load test alternative SQL queries in a simulated production environment.

Tune and profile
Develop SQL

Develop SQL code efficiently

Create high-performing SQL code. Quickly build complex SQL statements with a visual query builder. Quickly construct, analyze, and execute SQL code with the code analyst. Simplify debugging SQL code, functions, and stored procedures. Collaborate effectively across development teams with version control.

Are you ready to see how DB PowerStudio can help you manage and develop your databases easily?

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DB PowerStudio consists of IDERA’s four top tools for multiple database platform management and development:

The Developer edition includes Rapid SQL, DB Change Manager, and DB Optimizer. The DBA edition includes Rapid SQL, DB Change Manager, DB Optimizer, and DBArtisan.

  • DB PowerStudio supports SQL Server, Oracle Database, Sybase ASE, and Db2 LUW.
  • DBArtisan and Rapid SQL also support Azure SQL Database Sybase IQ, Db2 z/OS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Greenplum.
  • DBArtisan also supports Redshift.
  • DB Optimizer also supports PostgreSQL.

Please refer to the datasheet for DB PowerStudio for more information.

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